Most rifles are designed to gain a possible precision. Proper mounting of the scope will help enhance the grain and point of your weapon. For best performance of the AR10, for example, you should mount its best scope before using it. An accurate rifle is also time-saving and will help reduce the number of bullets fired.

Most individuals, however, do not know the way and methods to mount a scope for better accuracy. This article will help provide a guide on the ways to mount a scope for better accuracy.


Different types of scopes require the different height of mounting. For precision shooting, however, it is preferable that your optic is mounted as low as possible. The scope should not touch the barrel or any part of the rifle. A heavy rifle like the AR10, for example, would quickly wear out its best scope, the M308 if mounted so high. A scope mounted low enough and closed to the axis of the bore provides a consistent sight picture required for accurate long range shooting. It also enhances the rifle’s durability thus help reduce wear and tear and the general maintenance expenses.

The diopter

Long range riffles come with adjustable diopter rings which make it possible to adjust the scope’s focal length. The diopter aligns the reticles with the eye. This makes it easy to have a clear target view and eliminates having a blurry target acquisition. To increase your scope’s accuracy, therefore, ensure that its diopter is adjusted for it to focus properly.

Scope’s objective and the reticles

For you to have an accurate target acquisition, ensure that your scope’s objective and its reticles are in the same position. This helps reduce the parallax problem, especially when using a long-range rifle. For a short-range rifle, the parallax problem is insignificant. It is thus important for you to adjust the parallax scope before using it.

Wind speed

Wind speed tends to significantly influence the accuracy of the rifles we use. Even M308 rifle scope, which I consider the best scope for AR10, does not produce the best accuracy if not well adjusted according to the wind speed of the area. For this reason, it is advisable first to take time and study the weather elements in the area paying more attention to the speed of the wind. After observations, you will then know the best adjustments to make to your scope so that your rifle’s accuracy is not interfered with by the wind.

Hunting and shooting can be the best experience out there in the woods. But missing targets and having to repeatedly fire at the same target can be annoying and can make someone feel irritated. For this, and many more reasons, fixing your scope in a way that provides the best accuracy can bring good experience. It is, however, important to note that best rifle accuracy without proper practice won’t count much. Create time to do proper practice to enhance your skills so that with high-level accuracy rifle, you can get a life-time enjoyment.

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