The problem of wet rot Perth is slightly different from the dry rot problem that is common in all parts of the country. As humid climate or rains approach, one might notice cracks and darkening of their timber surfaces without understanding the reason behind their formation. Because inhabitants are unprepared for it, most of them are unable to take proactive precautionary measures. This inevitably leads to the problem getting out of hand, with the services of a damp proofing Perth needed eventually. Humidity and moisture are beyond doubt the main triggers for this concern and effective measures should be put in place to make sure you do not face this predicament.

Timber surfaces are spoilt due to leaking roofs and damp weather. The problem is not with the moisture but with the different types of fungi that damp timber attracts. This fungus presents itself in the form of wet rot which is a fern like growth on the surface of damp timber. According to wet rot Perth experts, the primary impact of wet rot is that the timber surface turns darker than its normal shade. When you notice this change in color, contact a damp proofing Perth expert for help at the earliest.

But if you take appropriate measures to curtail the growth of wet rot, you might not need a damp proofing Perth consultant. Make sure water does not collect near any of the wooden surfaces of the house. Dampness occurs at the bottom of surface due to undetected leaks and broken pipes. Ensure that all the pipes are in perfect condition. A means of detecting wet rot is when the timber becomes spongy and dry. A wet rot Perth expert should warn you that when the timber dries it will crumble easily.

Another important thing that your wet rot Perth expert should inform you about is the need to ventilate your house. A proper way of keeping out all the moisture is through painting the outer surfaces of your timber so that it does not allow water to seep in. When you have got the front covered, concentrate on the bottom. Do not allow any contact between soil and the bottom of your timber as is in the case of bathrooms and sinks. In case you do not have a choice, contact a damp proofing Perth expert to insert the proper damp proofing required.

Despite your efforts, if the problem persists or reoccurs, make sure you call for professional assistance immediately. Do not try and deal with the problem yourself because if not done properly it could cause irreversible damage to the overall structure of your home. Damp proofing is the best way to deal with wet rot. It includes creating layers between the masonry and timber as well as injection of some type of fluid or cream into the walls at regular intervals of time. The cream gets absorbed into the walls and releases vapors that create a water proof layering on the wall.

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