Is there a shortage of men in this world? Sometimes it sure seems that way. You've noticed one or two good prospects. When will they take notice of you?

How can you get him to notice you without embarrassing yourself and looking needy and desperate? Scary behavior will only send him running to the hills before you can reveal the awesome creature you are.

1. Be a Coquette

Bottom line, you have to be good at flirting. You might not want to hear it, but at least having a few flirting tricks up your sleeve will go a very long way. When you learn how to properly flirt with a guy, you will most likely get flirted with in return.

Some tricks for your bag:

- Timid but direct glances in his direction should make him aware you've noticed him.

- A cute little wave and smile can get his attention from across a room.

- Lean towards him when he is talking.

Don't be too seductive at this point, there's no reason. You don't want your body language to have an XX rating while you are trying to attract him.

Once you've gotten him to come over (or you decide to approach him), pick out something to talk about that might be interesting to him. This could be the start of a lovely flirtatious encounter. For example: Is that a new tattoo on his arm? Does he go to the gym? Let him know you are interested by touching his arm very lightly.

2. How to Turn a Guy On

If you already know the man you are trying to flirt with, you may want to know how to turn him on more than you want to know how to flirt with him. No surprise here, but turning a man on is pretty easy.

Visual stimulation will get a guy to react. An enticing outfit will be a great way to turn on your fellow. You don't have to dress (or barely dress) in anything inappropriate. Clothes that accent your best features or letting your hair down in messy, sexy waves can be a huge turn-on for guys.

3. If you touch him, he'll love it.

- His neck is sensitive, so touch it. Lean in and whisper and make sure he's able to feel your warm breath on his skin.

Like any skill, flirting can be learned. But this skill is fun to learn, and before you know it, your Mr. Right will be there, waiting to flirt back.

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