We all have goals that we want to achieve and big dreams that we want to fulfill. Almost everyone who has announced his goals and dreams started facing criticism, rejection and comments that have the purpose of putting him down.
The problem with such comments is that they sometimes come from close people and people you trust and thus you might find it hard not to believe them. After all according to subconscious mind programming the repetition of any statement by a trusted source will certainly turn it into a strong belief.
And if it happened that you believed those people who put you down you will never pursue your dreams and you will fulfill their prophecy!!

So how can you deal with such people?
The best way to deal with people who put you down is to not believe them but talking is easier than really doing that. How can you prevent yourself from believing the suggestions those people are saying to you? This can simply be done by understanding their real motives.
In the next few lines I will tell you why people put you down and this will certainly help you find out whether you should believe them or not

1) Jealousy: Many people will try to put you down even close ones just because they are jealous of you. They believe that you are going to reach your goals and thus they do their best to prevent you from starting your journey.
2) They are afraid to be left out: When all people become losers those who don’t make any effort feel good about themselves but what if all of a sudden someone tried to do something big? Won’t that make them feel left out? That will certainly happen and that’s the reason why so many people will try to put you down especially when your goals are big and different
3) They are afraid: Not all people who will put you down will have bad intentions. Some people will put you down just because you remind them of their own fears when you announce your big plans. Many people are not brave and prefer to remain in the comfort zone and whenever they see someone trying to move out of his comfort zone they warn him because of believing that the world is a dangerous place while in fact the problem is that they are not brave enough.
4) They were severely criticized: Many people who were severely criticized in their childhood have developed the habit of always thinking negatively. Those people criticize themselves all the time in their self talk and they do the same to anyone they come across
5) They can’t see the full picture: Some people will try to put you down because they have good intentions like your parents for example. The problem with many of those people is that while their intentions are good they always give incorrect advice because of not being able to see the full picture you are seeing.

Should you believe them now?
After you knew why people put each other down, should you believe them?
Should you give up your dreams just because few people are jealous of you?
Should you response just because someone doesn’t want to see you successful?
Certainly that won’t be the right choice

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