If you want to enjoy a perfect corporate golf vacation, then you should better visit to Pattaya. In Pattaya, you can get the chances of enjoying the game golf and the ethnic beauty of the Asia.

If you are planning to do something different this pre-winter session, then it will be wise for you to set sails for a corporate golf trip in Pattya. A golf trip is not something for which you usually book the tickets. However, this time you can certainly make a difference and take your family along.

Now, take a look at the details of a golf trip.

In a golf trip, especially, in a corporate golf trip, you will get the chance to visit the places alongside playing golf in the field. The game of golf will welcome you in the morning on the wide-stretched golf fields in Pattaya, while the rest of the day will allow you the chances of visiting various attractive places there.

However, it is a context regarding golf and therefore, before booking the tickets or set a meeting with a travel and tourism company, you need to know some basic factors of golf in Pattaya.

At first, it is better to look at some common questions. Here are some of the questions that people are usually eager to know about –

  • How to play golf in Pattaya

If you know how to play the game of golf, you may not need an introduction. However, if you do not have an idea regarding the game, you can search online or get a training course for golf. It will help to ease the matter for you.

  • How to dress

Every country has different culture and dressing sense depends more on that matter, but on the golf course, you need to wear differently. You cannot wear shorts or casuals on the golf courses. It is the summer season in Pattaya, Thailand and therefore, you need to wear the golf t-shirts, golf trousers and spiked shoes for golf. Some of the golfing clubs in Pattaya are strict enough regarding the dress code.

  • How long they will allow to play

Every golfing club have different playing times and therefore, you need to set a plan according to their schedules, so that you can get on the ground on time and enjoy the game.

  • Why Thailand

This question commonly comes when the matter is regarding Thailand golf vacation. As you are planning a corporate golf trip, it should be made at a place, which is not just beautiful in accordance to the nature but also rich with culture. That is why you should come to Thailand, not only for the golf trip but also to enjoy the taste of Asia.

In this regard, you should also learn where you should visit during your long stay. During this golf trip, may be the first among the upcoming Asian golf trips for you, there are many places where you can visit. Here is a short list of the places where you can take the real essence of Thailand –

  • Pattaya View point
  • The Sanctuary of Truth
  • Ripley’s believe it or Not
  • Water Park
  • Mini Siam
  • Elephant village
  • Nong Nooch garden
  • Art in paradise
  • Teddy bear museum
  • Sriracha Tiger Zoo

These places, along with the great walking street in Pattaya will give you the real taste of Thailand during your Thailand golf vacation besides the enjoyment of gaming.

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