It is often said, that to understand life, we need to understand death. Today there are many ways to experience mediumship. A more mass market approach and one that brings people to the subject, perhaps quite by accident, is that of popular tv media, here one can watch the popular series Medium for example. The series is actually based around a real psychic medium called Alison Dubois, and the theme revolves around Alison having visions of murder victims, crime scenes and graves. This is part of the work Alison does in real life, and she has helped the police convict murderers as a result of her uncanny knack for accurate vision.

This type of clairvoyant sight is called remote viewing and its less arduous use is for day to day mundane matters, such as the loss of ones car keys, or other items one may need in life, here a call to a talented remote reader can usually unearth the hidden item. There are also many mediums who have a strong and able link into animals, and so using this skill and combining it with remote viewing, are able to find lost cats for example. An excellent medium working out in the field for one of the better known psychic brands, actually tuned into a client looking for his beloved and elderly cat, the cat was found in exactly the same spot as she had described in minute detail.

This was achieved by her tuning into the energy of the cat once she had asked its owner to call up an image in his mind. From this she was able to ‘see’ using her clairvoyant and remote viewing skills, and correctly identify where the animal was hidden. The cat and owner were reunited but unfortunately the psychic could not predict another animal in the same family being killed when it lay under the car wheels – c’est la vie, I guess.

Another potent way to experience mediumship is to visit a platform reader. This is an advanced medium who has trained, usually with the Spiritualist Church or within a professional circle (a small group of people who train and practice to contact the spirit side), to stand on platform at the front of an audience and give forth messages to the audience, based on the spirit folk who wish to make contact. I once visited the Solihull church and was amazed that the medium, zoned in on me. One does feel like a rabbit in the spotlight as all eyes turn. The medium very accurately described my grandparents, and the current situation in my life, and the messages they gave could not be mistaken, in addition it resonated in a way only the true essence of life and its eternity ever can.

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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