Musical inspiration doesn’t always come when you wish for it. The ways and things that inspire us don’t always fit our music expectations or goals. And while there are many ways to reach the goal and make a dream come true, the key to great music lies in finding some musical inspiration.
No matter what instrument a person plays, connecting to it and the music it produces can be challenging. This article teaches you how to pass the music block and find the music within you.


1. Imagine Music Characters and Their Work

A great musician can be your muse. Just imagine one of the greatest music creators in the world. How they play a piece in your head can help you get out of that feeling of insecurity. All it takes is the right song and the perfect musical hero.

2. Choose an Instrument by Heart

At times, your struggles can result from playing the wrong instrument or choosing an instrument that does not fit you. An instrument does not have to be expensive to be good for you. If you are a guitar player, you can find some of the best guitars under 500.
Instruments come in different sizes, types and shapes. The quality definitely matters, but you shouldn’t aim to buy the most expensive instrument to start playing some great music. If you can’t afford an expensive one, you can start with a quality, cheaper instrument and go from there.

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3. Use Movement and Colors

Colors are closely associated with music. In fact, some say that each key and tone have a color that comes with it. If you are blessed with an ability to connect music with colors, you can use it for some musical inspiration. Color is personal, which means that you don’t always have to make the same connections as others. Basically, it’s one of the most powerful tools to use to get some musical inspiration.
The same applies to movement. Movement, especially dance, makes for the strongest relationship with music. It comes adjacent to it, so why wouldn’t it work both ways? If people dance to music, why not use dance to get music inspiration, too?
Whenever you feel like you are struggling with your music, find some inspiration in dance or colors.

4. Take a Walk

This advice may seem unusual to you, but a nice, long walk can give you many of the answers you need. Researchers believe that the creative output of a person can go up by 60% when they walk, which makes it an excellent tool to get some musical inspiration.

When you walk, you are less stressed. You can follow the flow of your thoughts without distractions. And, since you are surrounded by many things, who says you can’t find the musical inspiration you need right there in the park?

5. Be Curious and Nostalgic

Scouring your own past or the inspiring lives of others can be the source of the inspiration you need. Re-read the letters your friends sent you, look at some of the old photo albums, visit your friends from the childhood and talk about their life, etc. Inspiration can come from many places, and one great way to find it is by being curious and nostalgic.

Did you find what you were looking for? Remember – there’s no final recipe for finding musical inspiration, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up and stop looking. Once you find yours, you can use it wherever you feel like creating music is a challenge.

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