If you have broken up with your ex and have realised that she was the right one for you then you need to be active to get her back. You don't get anything in life sitting around and not taking action to attain what you need. If you find yourself in this position and you want to know how to get her back for good, think about these simple tips.

First of all, you have to make sure that you have identified what the problems were in your relationship in the first place. Regardless of whether she broke up with you, or you split up with her, you need to really think about why things went wrong. Should you work out that you just aren't compatible, it may not be smart to pursue her at all.

It could very well be that you were the reason why you separated. Maybe it was a problem with your personality, your lifestyle, or even the fact that you cheated on her. Regardless of the situation, it is possible to address your problems as long as you are prepared to make changes.

Always go through a time of self-assessment and be completely honest with your part in the breakup. If you're not clear and you're simply not honest with yourself, it is impossible to make changes.

Once you have identified the problems you will want to get in contact with your ex girlfriend. Invite her out for a casual meeting and let her know that you have been thinking about her and that you want to have another go. Tell her that you have addressed your problems and that you are prepared to work for the relationship.

Obviously, actions always speak louder than words. Regardless of what you say, she may well not believe you until she sees you actively taking steps to show you have changed. For instance, if you were immature, show her you have matured and grown up. If you were aggressive in your relationship, prove to her that you have calmed down. If you were selfish and always got what you wanted, be thoughtful and consider her feelings and needs.

Rebuilding the romantic side of the relationship is a thing that could take time. To be able to show that you are thoughtful and considerate, therefore, it is important to respect her and not push things. Show that you are a gentleman by taking her on dates and doing things that she would like to do. Start as you were dating for the first time and rebuild your relationship from there.

At the end of the day, whether you can get together again will depend upon the reason why you split up in the first place. If you were the one who took action and you broke down the relationship, you may well be in a position to rebuild things. Show that you have changed and show that you really care and there is no reason why you will not be able to rebuild your partnership much stronger than it was before.

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