As per the recent report shared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the poor quality of the air in our homes, offices, and other indoor places like malls; is one of the leading factors contributing to serious health issues, especially lung infections and allergies. Thus, it has become a serious issue nowadays, and people are using different approaches to attain improved indoor air quality.

The quality of indoor air is of such great importance, simply because; people spend more than 90% of their day indoors, inhaling and exhaling the same air inside the building. The oxygen taken in from the air is supplied to every single cell of the body, and therefore, breathing in contaminating air means affecting all of your cells.

Previously, it was thought that the installation of filters was sufficient for eliminating these contaminating and at times, poisonous particles from the air. However, scientists have now proved that usage of filters does not bring a significant change in the air quality because; they filter out large particles only. But there are some effective ways available, through which the quality of indoor clean air during lockdown can be improved.

Passing air through Ultraviolet Light

Air is an essential medium for most infectious particles, especially bacteria, to travel through. However, exposing airborne particles to ultraviolet light destroys these germs in a few seconds. The system is more effective when the air is filtered first and then passed through the light or vice versa.

Ionizing the air

Ionizing the air means giving an electric charge to the neutral, yet contaminated particles of the air. These include microbes, dust particles, etc. You must be wondering how charging impure particles improves air quality? Well, the charge is only induced into the air; but these charged particles are then sucked out from the air, in the filtration unit. After purification, only healthy air is passed out.

Cold Plasma Air Purification

Cold Plasma used in most labs because they can effectively kill airborne germs and pollutants. The same procedure can be used for other establishments as well. The Cold Plasma units are placed in the air filtering system where they will destroy all pollutants before they enter the establishment. This will ensure that the air remains entirely clean.

Controlling Ventilation

Another reason for low- or poor-quality indoor air is the type of cooling or heating systems used in homes and offices. These are closed-circuit systems, which might not provide adequate fresh air into the building. Shifting from such conventional and outdated systems to new ones that have vents can help in improving air quality.

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