Are you tired of being called Shorty? Do you wish you were a little bit taller than you are now? It’s true that gene plays a great role in the height of anyone. But even if you’re short because of your gene, you can still do something about your height. You might be thinking it’s impossible to grow taller because you are short because of your gene. Well, if you are thinking you cannot grow taller anymore, then you are wrong. You can still increase in height regardless of how old you are at the moment. Continue reading to discover some ways to increase height naturally without pills and without any adverse effect.

If are looking for ways to increase height naturally, then below are some tips to help you increase your height.


Doing exercises can help you get the best out of your height during puberty. Not only will exercise help you grow taller, it will also help to keep your body healthy and in good shape. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that doing exercises has help people grow taller even after puberty. Stretching exercises are particularly effective for growing taller. Doing exercises to work on the bones in your spine and legs is one of the ways to increase height naturally. Stretching exercises you can do include; push-ups, cycling as well as yoga stretching exercises.

Sleeping and Nutrition

Can Sleeping help me grow taller? YES. In fact, just sleeping for at least 8 hours daily can help you grow taller. During sleeping growth hormones are secreted in the body. However just sleeping is not enough, but taking the right posture while sleeping is what will help you grow taller. Also, your diet as well plays a great role in your height. Make it a point to eat food that is rich in protein and calcium. Calcium is particularly important for the growth of bones. Examples of food you can eat include; eggs, fish, red meat, vegetables, milk etc.

These are just a few tips on how to increase height naturally. But if you but them to work, it will help you grow taller.

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