The key to long-term happiness and good health is intimacy. Intimacy in relationships requires a strong physical and emotional connection. Relationships can be difficult to maintain if a relationship lacks intimacy. If there is a lack of a connection, then feelings of solitude and resentment may occur. It improves your general well-being when you feel emotionally intimate with your spouse.  This article will show you ways to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship if you notice that the intimate connection with your partner does not seem to be what you want.

Concentrate on what you bring together.

Regardless of how much you love your partner, there will always be things that drive you insane about your relation. focus your attention on the qualities of your partner which you find most attractive, good-natured, gorgeous, or inspiring, rather than agonizing over your differences and disagreements.


Remember the good times that you shared with each other. It helps you travel back to the time when you discuss a fun experience you had together or something funny that you witnessed. You can recapture some of the positive feelings associated with those experiences if you remember pleasant experiences. You want to focus on good memories and what it was like when you continue to improve your couple's intimacy. Recalling the positive experiences helps to concentrate on what is right in your relationship that can enhance your relationship.

Change your routine.

On the other hand, switching your routine sometimes also helps to induce these intense emotions. Go out and surprise your wife with the unexpected. Reserve a weekend's getaway, for inAstance, and get everything ready, book your hotel, pack your bags, and fuel the car. By spending a little time apart, you can also change your routine and improve intimacy. Every now and then there is nothing wrong with separate trips. It gives you the opportunity to miss each other and when you are reunited, you will be glad and excited.

Tell a personal story to your partner or personal secret

The more secrets you keep from your partner, the opportunity to improve love and intimacy decreases.  That doesn't mean that before you have any trust you should confess religious beliefs, political views, a high (or poor) sex drive, a desire to have 10 beautiful children, or something like that, but as time goes on and your relationship blossoms, it becomes more and more important to be 100% clean with your partner  It is all right to reveal one at a time and it is wise to save the greatest disclosures until you feel better at the revelation, but understand that it can only go wrong to hide some important truths.

More physical Contact

Physical contact with your partner helps you stay connected. Touch is the first to develop senses and is a vital component of healthy growth. A number of health benefits are provided by affectionate physical touches.  Blood pressure reduction and an increase in the connective hormonal, oxytocin, are health benefits. . Take your partner and touch him. Hold your hands on a walk, caress your leg as you sat down, and linger when you hug them. Please spend more time touching to increase your intimacy.

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