Microsoft Dynamics 365, the buzzword of the town is a fast-growing app with new features and improvements continually increasing the usability of the app. A significant number of clients use it as the CRM system for their business as it helps to enhance their customer relationship and boosts sales through a plethora of benefits including:

1) Improved Interaction Tracking and Performance Measurement: With opportunity and pipeline management features, MS Dynamics lets the sales representatives and marketers be more strategic in pursuing leads, and get more revenues out of their efforts. Its ROI measuring function helps businesses have a concrete basis for evaluating the strategies and measuring the team’s performance.

2) Analyzing the Customer Behavior: MS Dynamics offers a data-driven and scientific prediction of customer data available in the CRM through various information variables like customer background, engagement history, and other external factors.

3) Better Connects Sales and Marketing Teams: MS Dynamics platform ensures that the data is unified across departments and encourages the teams to work together as they are hooked to one system. It comes with several state-of-the-art functions for fixing quotes, contracts, automation for email campaigns, marketing ROI analytics and more.

The intricate CRM system from Microsoft must offer with an extensive list of benefits and features that enable organizations to return to other Microsoft partners to promote user adoption. It is significant for the success of any CRM system that it must be easy to use and meet the user needs most optimally.

Here are a few recommendations for better user adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization:

User Participation – If the users have their voice in the planning process of CRM implementation, the user adoption for the system will increase. You must allow the teams to possess a real stake in the project. It will encourage them to invest a significant amount of their time in it and make them participate more actively.

Content Rich Training – A quick stroll through demonstration can never be enough for new CRM users. Devise a proper training schedule not only for introductory training but also the other essentials for sales, marketing, and customer service team.

Availability on Multiple Devices – With technology proliferating, users need to have accessibility to business data even from their mobile phones. Moreover, to have it work out seamlessly, the CRM database must be available on multiple devices hassle-free. Choose the system that is easily accessible from smartphones and tablets to ensure better user adoption.

Customized CRM – The CRM database selected by you must allow customization to match you’re your business processes and terminologies. It must go through the critical test of user relevancy. Once it best suits your business requirement, the users will be able to make the most out of it and have an increased user adoption.

Conclusion – Successful CRM system adoption takes time as it is a volatile process. Its user adoption in the organization is an ongoing process and never ends. Contact a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting company today to make CRM become a way of life in your organization.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software. This blog is created to highlight the tips on how teams with Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365) can help elevate customer relationships ultimately boosting sales for business units.