The holidays can be a magical time filled with laughter and love. Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on who and what we are grateful for and enjoy our blessings and goodies. 

That's all good, but what does your family or friend group do after or before dinner? Sometimes, dinner isn't ready yet and people are doing all they can to stave off their hunger and lurking grumpiness. Sometimes, Thanksgiving ends up to be a group of folks who don't know each other that well. Sometimes, after dinner people are ready to fall asleep at the dinner table. 

And sometimes, you simply may not want your family members to avoid serious conversations for reasons you'll understand if you are feeling this way. 

No worries. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving or attending someone else's shindig as a guest, you can bring the party with you and help everyone stay light and have fun. 

Here are a few ideas of things you can incorporate into your holiday.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Patricia Brawley maintains a therapy and consulting practice and is a university professor. She has always been deeply interested in mind-body interaction, health psychology, creativity, consciousness and dreams. She is strongly influenced by mindfulness meditation practice, Buddhist philosophy, yoga, and humanistic values and beliefs.

Dr. Brawley is an independent scholar and researcher with an interest in phenomenological thought and methodology. She has presented professional papers at national and international conferences across the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Finland, and Russia.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals, American Mental Health Counselors Association, the Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselors Association, the Mississippi Counselors Association, the Mississippi Psychological Association and the International Human Science Research organization.

Dr. Brawley, a published author, enjoys writing and leading writing groups.  She lives in McComb, Mississippi with her husband and cats, Kwan Yin, and Goldilocks.