A CRM, if used correctly, is the main depository for everything there is to know about the customer. An integrated CRM in the wholesale distribution industry houses contact and account information, sales history and trends, service requests, account purchasing habits, marketing automation, and so on. There is an abundance of valuable information in this data that you already own that can be leveraged to uncover new sales and opportunities.

Here are few ways that you can leverage your existing data within a CRM system:

1. Targeting for Marketing Campaigns - CRM’s gather demographic and behavioral information about your customers, and this information can be leveraged to segment your customers and target their needs and business objectives. For example, if you are in the wholesale paper and packaging industry, you can target customers that are associated with school districts and send an email special for a “Back to School” promotion.

Impact: Increase leads in the bottom of the sales funnel through higher engagement (increased CTR and open rates) from personalized marketing.

2. Targeting Based on Sales Data - Depending on the complexity of your CRM, you can take it a step further and target based on sales activity and purchasing habits. If this is available in your CRM (if not, you should check out WPCRM) you can search and build campaign lists based on the sales activity. For example, you can send a bulk marketing message to customers that have purchased a product in the past month and ask if they are satisfied and/or are in the market for any additional products. From here you can get more granular by pulling a search that grabs any customer that has purchased a printer in the last two months but has not purchased any ink. By targeting this list, you can send a bulk message to these customers and open the dialogue to address the missed opportunity.

Impact: Increase customer retention by improving the customer experience through follow-ups and identifying cross-sell opportunities.

3. Personalization within Marketing Campaigns - While you can develop marketing campaigns that are targeted to certain customers or prospects based on demographic information or sales data, you can further personalize these marketing campaigns by utilizing merge fields. According to a study from Campaign Monitor, 74% of marketers say personalization increased customer engagement, and they see an average increase of 20% in sales from using personalized experiences. Through personalization with merge fields, you can address a customer by their first name, comment about the city they are in, message that you noticed their last purchase was made last month, and they are receiving a discount of 10% for their next reorder.
Impact: Increase email engagement and response rates, while saving the sales reps’ time, by sending bulk emails that are personalized.

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