When you go to a new city, you are eager to explore it, you are excited to settle down and make some new friends and at the same time, you are anxious to find some like minded people. For e.g. - if you love to bike and explore a new city, you would find it utterly boring to do so in a Hop On Hop Off way or if you love to go out dancing but some of your new friends just love to throw back a couple of beers and chill at home, well, things may not look so exciting anymore!

Immaterial of where you are, you need to find meet and hang out with some like minded people. You need your group of friends which loves to do things together and more importantly, similar things together!

The chances, you have moved to a new place for studies or for a job. One of the best places to meet new and interesting people is your office or your college. If you are attending a college, there will be many students and many clubs. Join a club of your interest - Economics group, Jazz group, Love for Guitar group etc. This is a safe place to meet like minded people. If you are in an office environment, talk with as many people as possible and try to figure out their likes and dislikes. This is a great way to strike new friendships.

Did you know that there are social mixers and city mixers? Find out some local mixers happening in your area. Mixers can be as varied as single women in a city to the seniors group. Groups are formed online and the mixers take place offline. One such great site is MixiNity.

Surprisingly, LinkedIn has a similar concept of groups. If you love marketing and would love to connect with sales and marketing people in your industry, visit LinkedIn and connect with them. Form a group and have networking events. This is mainly for people who would love to network within professional circles - doctors would love to meet like minded professionals etc.

If you are young and ready to mingle, bars might be an at place for you to meet interesting people. It is perfectly found to have a drink at a bar and you never know, what might happen next

Every city has its own clubs and associations. Join the one which fancies your interest. If you are a Yoga fan or a fitness freak, join the nearest Yoga studio or the fitness club. You will hordes of people who love what you love! There are horse riding clubs, ski clubs, association for marathoners etc. Just find out from local newspapers or online websites and see which club is best for you.

New Cities have their own charm. Whether you are a single woman at a university trying to figure out life or you are a 40 year old single dad - you are not alone. Just find the right places and you will come across many like minded and interesting people to hang out with!

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