Uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation is caused by physical or hormonal reactions. Although discoloration is harmless yet people are no willing to compromise on how their skin looks. A bit of concealer and primer can cover your blemishes and dark spots but the desire of having a flawless skin remains just a wish. There is nothing to worry about your skin discoloration when you even it out perfectly with its proper care.

The complexion of our skin depends on the level of melanin pigments. The greater the production of melanin is, the darker would be the color of the skin. Factors like ultraviolet radiations increase the activity of melanin and cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots. UV rays or prolonged sun exposure usually affect the skin with a lighter tone. Let’s have a look at the possible way to overcome this problem:

• Avoid UV Rays

It is always better to avoid going under the sun in peak hours. The frequency of exposing your skin to UV rays determines the extent to which your skin is damaged. It is suggested to limit your exposure to the sun and make sure to apply a Broad Spectrum - SPF 50. This cream is ideal for pale skins that have a hard time with sun and for all skin types under intensive exposure to the sun. UVA/UVB protection.

• Use Natural Remedies

There are countless natural remedies available for curing dark spots and uneven skin tone. For example, try to make a homogenous mixture of powdered milk and orange juice. Apply it on your face for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Use it at least for a few weeks. Citric acid present in the orange juice closes your open pores whereas lactic acid in milk brightens your skin tone.

• Consult the Doctor

Your skin is already very sensitive so, make sure not to apply any single product on your skin without your doctor’s approval. Lack of vitamin B12 is also a reason for dark spots so, you can intake any recommended multi-vitamins. American Crew Dubai provides you with effective products that significantly reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, makes it look healthy, young and refreshed.

• Apply Products with Natural Ingredients

Products with harsh chemicals are harmful to the PH of your skin. Such products may resolve your issue for the time but are very dangerous for your skin in a long run. It is always better to stay closer to the natural ones. As uneven skin tone has become a very common issue so, Urban Veda Dubai gives you an opportunity to regain your silky, smooth, glowing and flawless skin.

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