The formation of tiny and red blotches on your skin is called as acne. It is commonly known as pimples. There can a number of different reasons for your acne, which can vary from one person to another. Usually, it is caused by the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. The overproduction of oil on your skin makes your skin vulnerable to pimples. The condition of acne is not restricted to the face, however, it can formulate anywhere on your body like back, arms, and legs.

Different types of acne are caused by different reasons like hormonal abnormalities, poor hygienic conditions, black, and whiteheads. The severe form of acne leaves dark spots and scars on your face. It is crucially essential to control your acne at initial stages. If it is left untreated can trigger many other skin issues. Let’s talk about some of the tips that may help to control acne at the initial stages:

• The Type of Your Skin
We all possess different types of skin. Some of us have oily skin and many of us have a dry and sensitive one. Studies have shown that the oily skin can easily be a victim of acne, pimples, and rosacea. Using the wrong skin care products can disturb the natural texture of your skin and make it sensitive to environmental factors like pollution, dust, and dirt. It is important to read the labels before purchasing any skin care item.

• Cleansing
Select an ideal face wash for your skin. Those who don’t wash their face properly are prone to suffer from blackheads. It is because if the fact that the dust particles may accumulate in your skin cells. Bio Oil Products are suitable for an acne-prone skin.

• Daily Nourishment
Just like your hair, your skin needs a proper nourishment. Dryness not only makes your skin look flaky but also gives you an unhealthy appearance. Bio Oil Cream not only moisturize your skin but is also very helpful in making your skin cells less susceptible to scars, acne, and hives.

• Drink a Plenty of Water
We have become so busy in our lives that we don’t find time to drink an accurate amount of water. Due to dehydration, our skin starts to look dull and dry. It is very important to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water on a daily basis.

• Don’t Pop Your Pimples
Many of us have a habit of popping our pimples which results in bleeding and leave a scar behind it. It is suggested not to touch your face at all while having any sin issue. The more you touch it, the greater are the chances of bearing scars.

• Avoid Sun Exposure
People who go outside in sun peak hours should wear a suggested sunblock. Ultraviolet rays have a negatively effects your skin and might cause skin disease or pimples. Overexposure to the sun makes your skin look irritated and can cause itching. It is suggested to avoid scratching over it and using Bio Oil Scar for the complete elimination of acne.

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