As you should know when trying to remember under these emotional situations will not help you memorize at all.
Trying to remember when you're sad, frustrated, stressed, uncertain or irritated can really lower your memorization potential. These emotions are enemies of memory.

The two leading causes of mental breakdowns and emotional unrest are hysteria and mental depression. You need to understand these so you can try to prevent falling into these types of mental conditions. The best time your brain stay healthy and ready to work with you is when you maintain a positive attitude and you're happy.

Let’s talk about a bit about these memory invaders:

Hysteria; A neurosis, we may call it; this emotional disruption is often recognized by shouting, wild behavior, impatience and other similar behavior. The hysterical individual will often convert his emotional conflicts into physical actions.

Having hysteria is not a joke; it will bring you prolonged stress and neurological abuse which can lead you to have disturbances, convulsions, paralysis, choking, pains and fever. As you see hysteria can really affect your life in a negative way.

Many doctors have found ways to help boost resistance to the unhealthy stress and ease the problem. Following healthy food programs rich in certain vitamins, proteins and minerals will definitely help your mind stay healthy.

Drinking fruit juices everyday can really help you stay in a good mood. Try replacing the unhealthy food in a slow pace, with time you will be able to look back and see the difference between an unhealthy lifestyle and your healthy life now.

Eating meat every day is also very important for your health. Boosting your metabolism will make you feel great. Eat fruits everyday between your meals, not with the meals. Get it?

Another important vitamin we need to consume and include in your daily diet. It is known that Calcium calms the nervous system. Calcium is needed in the solution in the blood, causing the nerves to be unable to send messages. Your nerves become really tense and cannot relax. In children lack of calcium shows unpleasant dispositions, easy fretful crying and temper tantrums.

The calcium deficiencies shown in adults are not quite the same; it will bring you nervous habits such as finger tapping, leg shaking, tensing your foot or even swinging your leg when the leg is crossed.
There is so much more information you need to read in order to understand how our memory works and how we can improve it.

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Our brain can perform at its best if we really want it to. The key to success as well is a high performance of your brain. Being able to think clear and maintain a positive attitude at all times will definitely help you be successful in life. Please visit Memory Improvement Tips for more helpful information.