It is common knowledge that if you want to lose weight, then you better reduce the amount of calories you are taking in currently. The fundamental concept with weight loss is to simply burn off more calories through physical activities and exercises than you are taking in calories in the form of food. Therefore, it is useful to know good tips on how to reduce the amount of calorie intake.

First of all, you have to understand that not all calories are equal. A salad with a thousand island dressing is made up of calories which are full of fats. Thus, you should take salads with oil and vinegar instead; it still tastes great and helps you cut the amount of calories you are taking in.

Ignoring your portion size of your meals is also another reason you may underestimate the actual amount of calories you are consuming. When you pay close attention to portion size, you will realize that what you have been consuming is likely to be far more than just one portion of a particular food item.

Keeping your kitchen surfaces clear of foods and snacks is a good way to prevent yourself from unnecessary snacking. This is just applying the principle of out of sight, out of mind.

Constantly tasting and taking nibbles of your food as you prepare them for your family can add significant amounts of calories to your diet. If you find that you are unable to cook without tasting, then reduce your mealtime portion size.

If tuna fish is part of your daily diet, you should measure the amount of mayonnaise you use for flavoring. Even light mayonnaise has about 50 calories in each tablespoon, so even by being slightly off your measurements can add unnecessary calories to you meals, making you fatter.

Not only do foods contain calories, drinks do too! You should also be aware of the amount of calories in the beverages you take and make sure to take in moderation.

If you are a fast eater, you may also unknowingly consume more foods during meal times because you finish before others are even done with theirs. In order to slow down your eating habits, try pausing between mouthfuls. By performing something like putting your fork down and drinking a mouthful of water while you are eating can easily help you slow down how fast you eat. You can also try making your food temperature hotter or take foods with soup, as it will force you to eat slower as you wait for it to cool down.

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