At first glance, using the GI for glycemic index diets might seem a bit daunting. But in reality, using the index to incorporate more low GI foods into your diet can be pretty easy. The basics are pretty straight-forward and easy: eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid white flour products, replace sugar and artificial sweeteners with lower GI alternatives like agave, and be more proactive in your meal selections. True, this is only the tip of the iceberg, but just making these changes will certainly be a major step in the right direction towards healthy glycemic index diets.

But there are ways to make simple changes that will literally "sneak" low GI foods into your diet. Consider replacing sodas with green tea. Medical studies have repeatedly shown that green tea has the ability to prevent cancer and is loaded down with critical antioxidants. This is a pretty straightforward switch, but be on the lookout for flavored green tea mixes, which are not recommended for low glycemic index diets . These green tea mixes may have added sugar, chemicals and preservatives. When selecting a green tea, simpler is better. The notion that your green tea may conjure up images of running through a magical field of vanilla scented peaches might seem inviting, but the extra sugar involved will only push the tea up on the GI.

Additional Tips for Glycemic Index Diets

Lunchtime can be a tricky time. There isn't much time to grab a meal, and most fast food is focused on white bread, animal protein and sugar. The white bread and sugar are the most pressing problem for low glycemic index diets. Developing a restaurant and fast food strategy ahead of time, in which you know which foods are the lowest on the GI, will be of great help on days where you can not prepare a lunch.

No doubt one of the easiest ways to sneak beneficial into glycemic index diets is by way of snacks. Since most fruits are easy to eat and low on the GI, eating them is a fantastic place to start. The time-honored apple really does make the perfect snack in many ways. Consider going organic to avoid the pesticides and waxing that are so popular with the non-organic offerings. Another easy way to sneak some fruit into glycemic index diets is to keep dried fruits such as prunes and dried apricots handy.

Bottled juices and fancy coffee drinks are usually loaded with sugar and chemicals. One super-easy way to sneak in more low GI foods is to simply switch away from these drinks and choose a quality fruit drink that is mostly or completely made from fruits. Some drink companies offer fruit and vegetable blends, which may include such vegetables as spinach or carrots. These types of drinks are ideal for low glycemic index diets .

A good starting point for sneaking in more healthy foods is to deal with the hotspots where it's easiest for high GI foods to sneak in. By eliminate these sources of high GI foods; such as white flour and sugar products, you will have taken a leap in the right direction.

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