Ways To Turn Your Woman On And Get Her In The Mood For Sex: How To Get Your Wife In The Mood

In this article, I'm going to talk to you about FEMALE AROUSAL. I'm going to share 7 great techniques with you that you can use to turn your woman on and get in IN THE MOOD for red-hot sex.

So read on now and use these techniques when you want to 'get naughty' with your woman...

1. Conversation

Conversation really is FOREPLAY as far as women are concerned.

So don't be boring.

Engage your woman with interesting conversation and it will help to turn her on.

Sounds ridiculously simple and it is. So do it.

2. Buy Her Lingerie

This is a tried and tested way to turn your woman on and get her in the mood for red-hot sex.

Buy her some sexy underwear, surprise her with it and then get her to try it on for you. She'll feel great and she'll definitely become sexually excited.

3. Be Romantic

Women adore romance.

If you want a sure-fire way to turn your woman on and make her desperate to have sex with you -- cook her a romantic, candlelit dinner and rest assured... the night will end in sex (provided the conversation over dinner is good).

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4. Give Her A Massage

Sometimes your woman just isn't in the mood for sex.

So you need to do something really special to break her state and get her in the mood. Massage is that something special.

Do her back, legs and butt and take your time. Make the experience all about her.

With that said, sooner or later she'll get turned on during the massage and she will want more.

5. Rub Her Head, Neck And Shoulders

If you're sat on the sofa watching television, this is a great way to turn your woman on.

Get her to sit in front of you and then gently rub her head, neck and shoulders. When you can tell she's really enjoying it, you can then kiss her neck and shoulders and nibble her ears.

She'll be turned on and wet in no time.

6. Tell Her A Naughty Story

Have you any idea how many women read romantic/dirty sex stories?

It's way more than we guys realize.

Women love that stuff.

So a great way to turn your woman on is to read her a naughty story. Then she starts to associate your voice with sexy things and not only will this turn her on -- it'll make your DIRTY TALK more effective in the bedroom.

You do talk dirty in the bedroom, right?

7. Give Her Great Sex

The truth is that if you give your woman great sex every time you take her to the bedroom -- getting her turned on is easy!

Seriously, if you give her great sex, you won't have to worry about 'getting her in the mood' because she'll want it all the time anyway.

The best way to give your woman great sex is to talk dirty give her vaginal orgasms.

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It may surprise you to know that you could start a woman off on orgasms right at the beginning when you start talking to her and attracting her. It all depends on how good you are at this.

Befriend her. To attract a girl needs some courage and smartness by talking jovially and humorously. If you can make her laugh and enjoy a conversation with you then you have won half the battle.

Romance her. There is much to romancing a girl when you have the intention of having sex with her. Tell her how her laughter drew you to her from across the room when you're at a party where you meet her.

Appreciate her. Appreciate her beauty and tell her, as you look deep into her eyes, that you have seen few women as beautiful as her. You could compliment her on the color of her dress and how you wish you had a camera to photograph her.

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Fantasizing. If you find the occasion right you may even dare to tell her how you've fantasized making love to someone like her. This might draw her even closer to you and possibly be the beginning of her orgasms.

The foreplay. It may now be the perfect time to start on the foreplay and you could run your hands on different parts of her body even while she is fully clothed. This would very well arouse her and make her orgasm.

Undressing her. Undress her clothing by clothing and not all at one go. Do this slowly and gradually and as you keep doing so, caress that part of the body and kiss her there and appreciate it. This will make her orgasm even before having sex.

Stimulating her. Stimulate her alternately at the vagina, clitoris and the vaginal lips. Stimulating all three together will give her multiple orgasms. You could also slip your finger into the vaginal channel to stimulate the g spot.

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In order to go down on a woman properly, you have to get her in the mood for cunnilingus first. Too many men just jump right in and they don't give a woman the chance to ease into things. Over stimulation or stimulation too soon isn't a good thing for a woman. You need to slowly ease into it. It is best to start the evening by slowly undressing her and kissing her all over. When you remove an article of clothing, you should follow it up by kissing that area. Once she is completely naked you can start from her lips and make your way all the way down her body until you reach between her legs. Now it's time for you to start.

When you allow your lips and tongue touch her, you want to start slow. You never want to just get into it right away. Again, overstimulation can be a problem and never feels good for a woman. Allow your tongue and lips to gently caress her and as she becomes more and more into it, then you can get a little rougher with her.

With your tongue on the clitoris, and your lips on there as well, you can kiss her, lick her, suck her and blow on her. There are all sorts of things that you can do to her when you are going down so make sure you give her a handful of enjoyable stimulation varieties. In addition to doing that with your mouth, you want to stimulate the g-spot too. This is important and helps her to achieve that powerful orgasm that you want her to have. Your fingers can work magically at stimulating the g-spot and once again, you can do many things with your fingers just like your mouth so make sure you are giving her a lot.

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Every man out there wants to know how to satisfy women and make them achieve orgasm in a big way. But nothing would ever happen unless they turn the girl on in the right manner. If a girl is not turned on there is absolutely no way she will ever be satisfied and achieve an eventual orgasm. This is the reason why it's extremely important to know this. Read on to discover some of the most simple yet effective ways to turn a girl on within seconds........

Appeal to her mind- In order to turn her on effectively you need to make her think about sexual things and at the same time you have to be in the picture with her. Ask her about her sexual fantasies and make her think about sex. You see once she starts thinking about this subject half your job is already done.

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Get her in the right set of feelings- In order for her to get completely turned on she must experience the right set of feelings. In order to do this you must make her feel good about herself by giving her small genuine compliments. At the same time tell her how much she drives you crazy and what she really means to you. Adding these comments in your conversation would turn her on instantly.

Build anticipation- This is the step where you will get some what physical with her. You need to tell her about how much you would like to pleasure her and how you will make her experience something she has never ever had before. You see this builds up anticipation and she would expect something real big from you which will make her go absolutely wild.

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