A food processor comes with a bucketful of benefits. It can be used to knead the dough, shred cheese, crush ice, chop, slice vegetables, make peanut butter, smoothies and many more. The best food processors are powerful kitchen appliances for any chef.

Kneading Dough
This is the main reason why I bought a food processor in the first place. I love making cakes, cookies, and pizza and it is so easy kneading the dough with these multipurpose machines.
There are many food processors these days that come with a dough blade. The rapid action of a dough blade will knead dough in minutes and ensure that ingredients are mixed thoroughly.
Many dough blades are plastic although you can use a multipurpose blade of a food processor to knead the dough. If you are looking for a food processor that can knead the dough, make sure it is powerful enough to handle the job.
You don’t want to run the risk of your food processor motor burning out.

A food processor comes with all sorts of attachments to increase its efficiency. One of them is a blender for making smoothies, protein shakes, milkshakes, just to name a few.
The best blender and food processor combo comes with a pitcher, powerful motor, shredding disk and even portable smoothie cups. Not only will you use the food processor to shred, chop, slice but you can use it to make your favorite frozen smoothies and shakes.
This type of food processor will save your kitchen space hence no need to buy an extra blender.

One of the primary function of a food processor is shredding. You can shred whole blocks of cheese for a casserole or for making pizza. It comes with a shredding disk, also called a grating disk that sits on top of the bowl rather than the bottom of it.
It will shred your cabbages, cheese before falling into the bottom of the bowl of the food processor. From shredding, slicing, and chopping, food preparation is made easier with a food processor.


Your food processors comes with different blades and discs that serve different purposes. One of them is a slicing/shredding disc. Use the slicing disc to slice a variety of foods.
Foods to slice include potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, apples, cabbages and many more.

From chopping, to shredding and slicing, a food processor is your best friend in the kitchen. Chopping is one of the primary functions of a food processor. It comes with a chopping blade for handling solid foods such as fruits and vegetables.
Use it to save you tons of time chopping potatoes, herbs, carrots, nuts and many more. This will make it useful to prepare anything from salad, soups, mince herbs, etc.

Food processors are multitaskers and are often referred as sous chefs. This is because they are the most used appliances in a kitchen. When it comes to pureeing, a food processor is ideal for that function.
With its powerful motor and razor shape blades, it will finely chop food ingredients into perfectly creamy consistency. A food processor is ideal for pureeing baby food plus it can puree frozen and hard foods.

Food processor for Grinding meat
Did you know that food processors can grind meat? Ground meat from the supermarket is usually over processed and dense. If you do not have a grinder, do not worry, you can use your food processor.
Use it to grind small to big batches of meat and you will have control over its quality, freshness and thickness of the cuts. If you enjoy eating burgers and pasta at your home, I would advise that you grind your own meat to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
You can grind any meant, beef, chicken, fish, lamb and even pork. In addition, you can choose if to grind lean meat or meat with fat.

As I mentioned before, food processors comes with all sorts of attachments and a juicer is one of them. In order to make your favorite juice with a food processor, make sure it has a citrus juicer or a juicer attachment.
The juicer attachment will be perfect for all of your juice making needs. On the other hand, a citrus juicer will make the squeezing of citrus juice easy and quick.

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