So you had a terrible fight with your boyfriend, which eventually led to a painful breakup. You told yourself you are already over him, but then one day, you saw him with another girl and you realized you still need him back. If you are in this situation now, don’t worry, for here are tips to help you with winning your ex boyfriend back.

Be Open to Communicate With Him

In order for your ex-boyfriend to realize that you are still interested in having him back into your life, you must exert an effort to communicate with him. Text him to ask how he is doing, or maybe call him and ask how his life is doing now. If he replies back, then congratulations, he might probably be as interested as you are in rekindling your relationship.

Show Him You’ve Moved On

Although you feel so desperate into winning an ex back, but if you want him to fall for you, you should make him feel that you are now happy with your life being single. Men would appreciate girls who are independent, strong and secure with their lives, with or without a boyfriend. So act like you are happy with your life, and whenever you get the chance to see each other, talk to him like you are the most confident woman in the world.

Act Like His Best friend

Just because your relationship did not work out, doesn’t mean that you can no longer be the best of friends. You two have a lot of memories together, and there are enough reasons why it is best to remain friends despite of the bad breakup. Do not be in a hurry to begin a new relationship with your ex, because it is better to enjoy the friendship before you decide to be lovers again.

Show Him The New You

Your ex boyfriend could easily fall for you again if you’ll show him that you have already changed for the better. So make him realize that he will be making a great decision if he’ll take you back by being the right kind of girl that he truly deserves. This way, he would feel that your relationship would probably work the second time around and he will then pursue you again in order to revive the love that you two have shared.

Before you decide to win back an ex boyfriend, it is best that you first ask yourself the reasons why you need him back. Is it because of your ego, or is it because you want to show people that you are capable of winning an ex back? If these are the reasons why you want to get back with your ex, then you better not push through. The best reason why you need to pursue your ex boyfriend should be because you love him so much that you are willing to give him another chance into your life.

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