One thing that you have to understand is that personal motivation is internal. Motivation is the willingness of someone or employees working as a team to expand their energy in order to achieve a goal. Of course, you can say that it is a psychological phenomenon.

One thing I have learned is that we have abilities to do wonders. You're able to perform beyond the expectations of others. You're creative and you're able to come up with new ideas on how something can be done better and in the most efficient way. There is no reason why a person should underestimate what another person is capable of doing. If you're that type of person who underestimates others then you're in for surprises. They'll prove you very wrong.

Leaders should be followed and not to be obeyed just because they're vested with power and authority. If leaders are followed, then it means that such leaders have inspired the people who are following them to do willingly the duties they delegate to them. But if they're obeyed just because of their power and authority, then it means they're forcing people to do things unwillingly. They have not won the wholehearted cooperation of the majority of the employees. They only exercise dictatorship style of leadership which employees find to be problematic. Who will like to be led by a manager who is a dictator? Not me!

If you have employed people, you should motivate them. Have a leadership style that makes them to feel they're important as human beings, their demands are addressed and they're part of your leadership. Why am I telling you this? You see, without employees' personal motivation all other resources would be ineffective. No matter how much machinery and other modern equipment you install in your organization, they'll remain unproductive if employees who are supposed to operate them are not motivated.

Many business organizations are facing challenges regarding complains from employees. Majority of the business organizations that have failed to address these complains have experienced losses which otherwise could have not happened if employees are handled with utmost care. The losses are in the form of employees' strikes, wastage of raw materials and careless operation of machines.

Six Ways of Boosting Employees' Personal Motivation

1.) All employees require sufficient money to meet their daily needs and to be able to provide for their families. The organization can motivate them by increasing their salaries, giving them a bonus and even through profit sharing initiative.

2.) An organization should engage its employees in decision-making process. If it does this, then employees will have a sense of belonging and this motivates them. They will know that they're recognized by the organization they're working for and this makes them to perform their duties to their best level of capacity. Since they're motivated they'll protect the interests of the organization.

3.) Job enrichment makes employees to work with zeal. An organization should give them a chance in deciding certain routine tasks because this creates excitement and interests in them to perform their duties. Assigning them a project, delegating them additional authority and giving them organizations reports directly are examples on how to enrich the job.

4.) There should be a proper communication between employees and the management. The management should give employees the necessary information they need to know regarding how to solve their problems within the organization. An effective upward and downward communication determines the effectiveness of the already laid down policies.

5.) The terms of employment such as fair opportunities for promotions to existing employees, leave allowances and other perquisites (fringe benefits) available to employees will highly motivate employees in performing their duties.

6.) High morale is associated with high productivity. If there is high morale among employees, then there is high probability that the organization is going to achieve its desired results. An organization should be able to implement the things that boost employees' morale which later on transform to personal motivation.

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