Many times when it comes to discovering your passion and what it is that you truly want, we become caught up. Caught up in our heads as to what it is that we think we should be doing or what our parents told us we should do with our lives.

My Mom (like many others) wanted me to become a doctor. Wasn’t she surprised?

Finding your true passion may not be what you think. Most people feel that they have to “do” something or “attain” something in order for them to find their true path. Consider the possibility for just a moment that you don’t have to “do” anything at all.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Just like you don’t have to try to hear. Just like you don’t have to try to see.

If what you are doing feels like you have to effort at it, then you are meeting resistance and could be getting in your own way.

I’m offering a free 6 part email course entitled, Discover Your True Passion.

My goal is to help you move your mind in the direction of discovering for yourself what it is that you want to do in life.

The material that I cover in this course is what I cover with my coaching clients. Using my psychic abilities and The Sedona Method, I have been swamped with emails asking me, "What if I don't know what I want? Is that a bad thing?"

Most people are scared because they can't figure out what it is that they want to do. I say, “It's okay! Give yourself a break." And the rest of my response is this course.

During this 6 part series you will learn:
*Why what you are doing now doesn't work
*Why it's okay that you don't know what you want
*What thoughts you have control over
*How to effectively phrase your goal statements
*The way you sabotage yourself without even knowing it

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Author's Bio: 

Bobby Marchesso is a former television host who has helped thousands connect with their loved ones on the other side.
Bobby has been a psychic medium for over 10 years and continues to hold classes, workshops and retreats.
He has also completed several courses and retreats plus certification of the Level I Coaches training with Sedona Method Associates.
Bobby is also a facilitator of the "How Much Joy Can You Stand?" Workshops and retreats by Susan Falter-Barnes.