Finding products to resell on eBay is one of the most important steps in becoming an eBay seller. At first, many people start off by selling whatever is in their home, or even in their garage, basement and attic. Still, the success of your business depends greatly on what products you have to sell. As any business owner can tell you, an item's value is based on what the buyer will pay for it. If an item you find to resell offers a low value or no real interest from buyers, chances are good that you will have a difficult time selling it. Therefore, it does matter what you sell.

To find products to resell on eBay, you will want to use the web as a tool. Your usual goal will be to find wholesalers. Wholesalers are companies who have product in stock they need to sell. They sell only to other businesses, not to consumers. There is a bit of an up charge for working with them, but you can often find these companies readily available.

Another way to get products is to work directly with manufacturers. Manufacturers are the companies that actually produce the product you would be selling. The biggest benefit here is that there is no up charge to buy from the manufacturer (the up charge to wholesalers is cut out.) Yet, it can be hard to find manufacturers who will work with small business owners like this.

Here are a few tips to finding products to resell on eBay.

1. Utilize local wholesale companies who may have large amounts of product to sell. You can often find wholesale discount stores that you can work with.
2. Network with local manufacturers, this will cut down on costs, too.
3. You can still find products to sell on eBay the old-fashioned way of using garage sales and antique sales, too.

These are just a few of the ways to find products to resell on eBay, but they are the best routes to take if you are looking for products that will sell well and make a sizable profit for you.

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