Gee, get a load of her! Scope those abs dude, she's so sexy and ripped. Check out that guy, how cut are his abs! Wish that was you they were talking about? Want to have a great six pack, been training long and hard for awhile now but unsure why you don't look cut yet? Well you are in luck, here we are revealing all of those old myths that do not work and setting you straight on great ways to get abs, how to get ripped and how to get cut. Here we go:

Myth 1: More exercise is not always better. Depending on your target there is always an optimal level of duration of exercise and frequency. For example, if your aim is to pack on muscle mass then working a muscle group three times per week is enough, however much more than this will not allow you enough time for your muscles to grow and recover and therefore your progress will grind to a halt. If you are attempting to lose weight then jogging every day for 60 minutes will more than likely cause you injury problems and leave you exhausted and prone to illness whilst also reducing your motivation. ensure the exercise is still enjoyable for you by using a variety of activities but be sure to remember more does not equal better, regular and consistent effort is.

Myth 2: Exercise Y is the perfect to do for weight loss. This again is not true there is no best ab exercise. There are many various types of exercise all with different aims and positive points. However we are often influenced by marketing hype into thinking differently to that. Simply exercise doing your favourite thing and do it regularly. Some people like variety, some people like to do the same thing, it is up to you but at least do something 3-5 times per week for 20 - 30 minutes that leaves you slightly out of breathe, this is suitable for general health maintenance.

Myth 3: You should consume sugar before exercising to increase your energy levels. Consuming sugar will cause your body to release insulin in to the blood stream, this removes the sugary energy from the blood circulatory system and can leave you with lower energy levels than when you began. If I say it is pointless you will most likely agree I would have thought.

Myth 4: Putting on weight is simply a normal and natural thing to happen to people as they get older. this is incorrect. As people age they tend to become more sedentary and therefore their weight increases. These will lead to gains in fatty tissue. Once a week weight training can really help in preventing the body from losing muscle mass and ensure that the bodies metabolism keeps working efficiently.

Myth 5: If you stop exercising your muscle will convert into fat tissue. This is impossible. Muscle mass can decrease in size if it is not being used anymore however they will never ever turn to fat! Fatty tissue may increase however if you halt exercising altogether but not always particularly if you properly keep an eye on your diet.

Myth 6: You need to sweat a lot in order to have a good workout. This again is ridiculous. The amount you sweat has zero to do with the intensity of your training, everyone is different. the amount you sweat is more reliant on things like climate, genetics, the type of exercise and bod fat level rather than how intensely you are working so don't take this as a sign.

Myth 7: Exercising on an empty stomach will burn more fat. Long term weight loss is about the net gain or less of calories over a period of time not when you do the exercise. Therefore the workout time will not be of importance and will probably give you zero extra benefits benefits. Be smart think long term.

Myth 8: Performing situps will decrease my waistline. Incase you are not already aware exercising one particular part of your body will not mean that you lose weight in that area, it simply doesn't work that way. To lose weight you need to make a net loss of calories which will then come from fat tissue somewhere in your body, this could be anywhere. If you wish to keep creating a calorie net loss then sooner or later it will begin to show around your waist line at some point in the not too distant future.

Myth 9: can eat twice as much as it is fat free. Well, it is possibly correct that it may have no fat in it but it does still have calories inside and if these are ingested and go unused then they will still be stored by the body in fatty deposits around the body. Don't be fooled by marketing hype!

Alright then, so if you stick to a sensible weight loss schedule then it can be quite painless and enjoyable to shed pounds just exercise discipline and patience!

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