So many of you have expressed in my blog that you are having difficulty getting over Michael Jackson’s death. It’s important that you continue to live a full life and be thankful that Michael shared a portion of your life. So here are some thoughts that I have put together that I would like for you to focus on to get over grieving.

Focus on Michael Jackson’s music, videos and generosity, not his shortcomings or the rumors about his death.

Don’t believe everything you hear and read. Respect him for what you hear of his music and his videos and don’t listen to the gossip. The pain will ease but never lift.

Jackson shared a magnetism and connection to his fans that transcends any physical place or structure.

He could give you a grin that would melt your heart or make you believe you were the most special person in the world. His love for his fans was reflected through his performances. People felt they were part of his life whether they knew him or not. This is why you feel such a strong connection to him. Remember his presence will always be with us.

The best way to remember him is by literally paying attention to the message that he conveys in his music videos and lyrics. Messages that if everyone one put into practice, will change the world and heal it, just what Michael want us to do; now his fans have to continue with his purpose in this world and make it a reality. We have to live his philosophy; love is everything we need to make the possible and impossible a reality.

To me music is a therapy, and I just listen to music that has a positive message and it heals my spirit.

I pray that everyone who grieves for Michael be touched by the healing Angel Rafael. Remember Michael doesn’t need healing as he is whole and complete in spirit.

If you continue having difficulty with your grief please contact me,Cherokee Billie,and I will help you move through this cycle of grief.

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Native American Psychic Cherokee Billie has been working as a Clairvoyant advisor for over 25 years. She receives messages that will change your life! She helps her clients to connect with their Soul's Path, bringing peace and joy into their daily lives. Fast - Straightforward Answers and the Plain Truth!