Earlier on I caught up with my friend, Wain Gordon, and we touched upon a number of topics. One thing that I spoke about was a how-to guide that I had put together to assist others in finding their purpose.

He asked me a few questions about this and then he said that one of the ways that someone can get closer to their purpose is by looking into what comes naturally to them. After this, he went onto to say that some people are good listeners.

A Natural Ability

However, when someone has been his way for most of their life, they might not even think about how well they can do this. It then ends up being overlooked and not seen as something that they are good at.

He said that there are people who end up going on courses to develop this ability; emphasising how sought after this ability is. Now, if another person was to comment on this talent, they would probably be surprised.

The Power of Acknowledgment

This made me think about how important it is for someone to be around people who can recognise their strengths. It can only take one person to recognise something that they can do and their whole life could change.

But, if they don’t come into contact with someone like this, they can continue to overlook a certain ability of theirs. One of the great things about the internet is that it is easier than ever before for something like this to happen, due to the fact that we can connect with all kinds of people.

A Personal Experience

After I had been writing articles for less than three years, in 2013, I left a comment on one of Susan Winters articles, and before long, she ended up getting in touch with me. I received a lot of positive feedback from her and this had a big effect on me.

Up until this point I believed in what I was doing, but through hearing this from someone who was an accomplished writer, author, and dating coach, it allowed me to see myself in a whole new light. What she said carried a lot of weight, and this was because of what she had achieved.

Ask Others!

Taking this into account, if someone wants to find out what their strengths are, they can ask the people in their life to give them feedback. They may also find that not only do these things come naturally to them, but that they enjoy doing them.

At first, they may believe that they aren’t good at anything or that they can only do a few things; yet after a little while, they could have a whole list of things that they can do. As a result of this, the whole direction of their life could change or they could just use make a few minor changes in their life.

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