We are all connected. Everything we do and everything we see and everything we feel connects us to all living things. What draws us together are our emotions and experiences. Our common bonds are the things that we seek out and manifest in our daily lives.

What happens to one has an impact on all in one form or another. Regardless if it is a positive or negative action, it will have a repercussion on us. From the deep blue sky above, to the ground we walk on, and the waters that surround us, we are all connected.

A good deed of one will have a lasting effect on someone, and they will have an impact on many. A bad deed of one will have an effect on many. We are connected not only by the people that we meet, but by ones we haven’t.

Our circle of friends and family is so much bigger than you can imagine. People know people and those people know more people; one small action is felt by others, globally.
Think about how many people you come into contact with on any given day. Now imagine how big the circle of family and friends surround them. Imagine this for every person you come into contact with. How we are connected is so much bigger than we thought.

Everything that surrounds one person in the world has an impact on all of us. From the bird in the sky that flies for miles, to the fish in the river that swims downstream, we are all connected in so many ways and through so many miles. Positive actions, no matter how small, will help us stay connected in a positive way.

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