Virginia Woolf stated, "Arrange whatever pieces come your way, and make it work for you."
I was talking to one of my favorite girlfriends in California one recent Saturday night about emotions, feelings, and life happenings. We all go through trials, challenges, joys, happiness, pain, and tears in the course of our lives. We mentioned how we all are broken pieces. Our hearts get wounded not once, but over and over again. The wounds are like broken pieces.

I looked at my friend as we talked about our spirits resembling broken pieces, and I came up with this analogy; the broken pieces are our life mosaic. We take all of the broken/wounded pieces, and we put them together gently, and we make a beautiful mosaic. I love the way a mosaic looks, with every piece exactly where it belongs. We must not fall apart when challenges come our way, but instead we gather up our thoughts and emotions, glue them gently back together, and in so doing we create a beautiful tapestry that is forever evolving! One that is stronger and more vibrant.

By changing our attitudes - the way we think and focus on the positive instead of the negative, we are on our way to changing our perspective and taking the broken pieces and making something incredible!

What I find is that we are prone to becoming victim to circumstance. We have a hard time with a situation in life, we allow depression and/or anxiety to set in, and like an evil monster it doesn't leave. We so desperately want it to leave, but we live in darkness for so long that we forget the resources available to us, and don't see the ray of light on the horizon. We spiral into the dark abyss and forget that there are other ways of thinking that are more functional, more positive. The darkness will subside if we connect with the positive things in our life, and remind ourselves daily that attitude is everything.
We make things so hard, but surely they don't have to be that way. Remember what I said in the beginning of this post, we are intended to be beautiful mosaics. We must honor ourselves in such a way that we truly believe we are!

Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all!

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