If someone was to look in the mirror, it would be clear that there is only one of them, and this is something that every other person on the planet would say. The only time that this wouldn’t take place is if they have at least one identical twin.

However, although they will only have one physical self, this doesn’t mean that they will only have one inner self. On the inside, they are likely to have many different selves or parts that operate at different times.

For Example

This means that the self that is ‘online’ when they are at work is not necessarily going to be the same one that is ‘online’ when they are on holiday. Now, there can be a number of similarities between these two selves, and other selves, but they probably won’t be the same.

Without the understanding that these are two different selves, one could believe that they have just changed – something that will be partly true. Through believing that there is just one part and this part is ‘who they are’ it can give them a sense of consistency, stability and security.


Their ego-mind - the part of them that allows them to have their own experience on this earth and is there to keep them alive - feels at ease when everything is familiar. To this part of them, what is familiar is what is safe.

Therefore, as long as they see themselves as being one person and who they are as being as solid as their physical body, this part of them will be able to settle down. Maintaining this illusion is then going to be an important part of their mental and emotional health and their ability to function.

One More Example

Another thing that someone could do to gain an understanding of how they have different parts inside them would be to reflect on how they have behaved this year. They may find that there has been at least one moment when they behaved in a way that was destructive or went totally against ‘who they are’.

This would have been a time when a part of them took over, causing them to do something that they may have later regretted. They may have blamed themselves after, believing that they chose to behave in this way; in reality, this wouldn’t have been something that they chose to do.

At the head of the table

Still, this is not to say that one doesn’t have any control when it comes to how they behave. One way for them to look at this would be to see themselves as being the adult at the head of a table and their other parts as being children around the other parts of the table.

As a result of their maturity and awareness, something that will allow them to acknowledge these different parts and to negotiate with them, they will be able to behave in ways that are in alignment with their true-self. The part of them will be fairly evolved and this is why it will be able to conduct their inner orchestra, so to speak.

Final Thoughts

What this illustrates is that if how they behave in one or more areas of their life is not benefitting them, they can develop a self that does. The first step will be for them to be aware that who they are is not fixed and that they do have a choice.

From here, they can stop feeding into a self that is not serving them and to create a new self that does. They may find that they have some inner wounds to resolve as these are keeping a certain self alive and are making it hard for them to create a new self.

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