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We have issues on three frequency levels

Because we have three levels of creativity, we have potential and capacity for three levels of unresolved issues.

Conscious issues

Conscious issues are things we know need attending to and "fixing." If you have a yak-yak, "monkey mind," this can include the nagging inner voice of the Inner Critic, if you can hear its words.

Conscious issues are low-hanging fruit, easy to get at, the present disturbances we know about. We get at them primarily thru To Do lists, goal-setting and changing our behavior and habits by consciously redirecting our self.

A subjective scale of 1-10 (Likert Scale, see Wikipedia) can be used by everyone to measure the strength of weakness of habits, no kinesiology testing required. If you can self-test, your accuracy in measuring using a scale of 1-10 multiplies.

Sub-conscious issues

Sub-conscious issues are fruit higher on the tree of our psyche, somewhat out of reach. These take more work to get at.

How to get at them? Sometimes you need to practice more with Tools you have or learn how to use a new tool. Putting time in on Inner child work and learning Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication are good examples. You can get to unresolved subconscious issues as you learn to listen to and communicate with your inner child.

Sometimes you don't have any Tool that will work and your only choice is to build a ladder. If you don't have a ladder at hand, you can build a ladder. I've built a hundred ladders and most of them, not all of them, worked well. If you build an effective ladder, you can get to new issues. My ladders always work better when I invite God to be my Partner in the planning and construction. Let me know what works for you.

Unconscious issues

Unconscious issues are the most difficult fruits to get to, highest up on the tree, most out of reach. From the view of standing on the ground looking up, these fruits can be both out of sight and out of reach high up in the tree.

How do you reach them? You have to either learn how to fly, or find someone who has already learned how to fly to go take a look at them and report.

Clearing unconscious issues takes the most willingness to heal; and then, almost always a coach or someone else who has gone there before you and has comfortable working at that level of their own unconscious.

The above characterizes our three levels of issues.

Using K-testing to navigate our issues

These three frequency levels give us wonderful purchase on where a habit we wish to address is located. We can get around in these frequency levels simply by asking--testing for—what depth this or that issue is at: conscious, subconscious, unconscious.

Knowing how to approach different levels of the psyche will be familiar to parents of children of different ages. Each creative frequency, each creative expression has to be approached on its own terms, exactly analogous to how you would approach a child, depending on their developmental age.

Q: How do I know which level my issue is on?

A: Each frequency feels different. If you will practice, you will develop sensitivity. Consider these three “flavors” of issues:

a) My issue is something I'm conscious of: I know what's bothering me.

b) My issue is something I'm only dimly aware of ; I'm not sure what's bothering me: My issue is in my sub-conscious.

c) I have no idea what's bothering me. I'm in the dark on this one!: My issue is unconscious.

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