Many relationships can come to a time where there's a gap and we probably look to outside sources to fill that void. When we look to outside sources to fill in that gap we also walk away from our personal evolution. The voids we experience are supposed to challenge us to look within to see where we can grow to inspire a new spark to our relationship.

The best thing we can do for ourselves at this point is to wake up, come out of our routine belief systems and take on a path to see what the world really is. The first step is to look within and see why we are trapping ourselves inside our routines. When we realize what it is, which is going to be our fears, then we can work our way to overcome them. This is what is going to give us the power and the momentum to create that new spark in our lives and in our relationships

This will trigger our consciousness to become more alive which will lead us to open up to finding our true passions. It doesn't take much, just realizing how our fears have been suppressing us will give us the desire to do more for ourselves. This inspiration will influence our relationships to become more fulfilling. Whatever initiative we decide to take on this, our partner will catch on, as long as we don't force anything on them.

Applying this to our relationships will bring us much closer to each other. The connection grows much stronger that we are more fulfilled and focused on each other. This can reduce a lot of the insecurities that cause problems and give room to each other to work on insecurities. Working on our insecurities is one of the ways we can really connect with ourselves and our higher consciousness. Working on them gives us purpose and brings us closer to our dreams. This is the bigger picture.

Our society has conditioned us to avoid looking at ourselves and accepting our insecurities and fears. We have been continuously punished for having them instead of the compassion and understanding we really need. That's because looking at ourselves is what we are really afraid of, not only is there nothing wrong with doing so, it is the key to seeking our true potential.

When we overcome our inner obstacles, we understand them and learn to accept them in others. This acceptance gives the inspiration and compassion that others need to change as well. This is how we learn to grow as a relationship and keep things interesting. We see everyday that there is more to life then we previously knew, this is what evolving consciousness is all about. This awareness truly fulfills us and gives us energy.

The reason we are separated from our higher consciousness in the first place, is because our minds are not free. Our fears is what causes our minds to be controlling, and not knowing a good way to overcome fear does not help either. The best way to overcome fear is to have the courage to feel it because our immediate reaction is to over think it or have a negative emotion associated with it. To overcome fear at the source we have to ride with its energy back to the source. That is done through letting the feelings flow through us, and this energy will bring us to the higher consciousness we need.

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My work specializes in overcoming fear to improve every aspect of one's life. Overcoming fear also frees one's mind to connect with higher consciousness.