Savitastu pada vitanotidhruvam,

Manujnobalavan savitetibhavet.

Vishaya anubhutiparisthitay,

Scha sadatman evaganedati saha.

MEANING: The Savita of Gayatri tells us that man should become as powerful as the sun and believe that the experience of all sense objects and circumstances are within us.

Man is himself the author of his circumstances. Every man/woman creates his/her own destiny and fate. Many people fall prey to illusion on hearing the terms lines of actions, fate, destiny, Lord’s wish, planetary influences, natural calamity, sudden benefit etc. They opine that whatever is the Lord’s wish, whatever lies in their destiny will happen. Via our effort destiny cannot be changed hence sit quietly instead of working hard to perform duties or one must keep appeasing demigods and goddesses. Such people forget that destiny is not dependent on God’s wishes. It is not as though by appeasing subtle divine powers one can induce them to get biased towards the appeaser nor is it that they get angry and shower hardships on others.

Every man measures others using his own measuring tape. We ourselves are biased and do good to those who praise us, bribe us etc. Hence we feel subtle divine powers too must be of this attitude but this thinking is erroneous. The truth is that God is absolutely without bias and prejudice. He looks upon all creatures as equal. Like a good judge he gives good fruits/merits to those who act wholesomely and gives punishment to those who sin and err. Destiny has no independent existence. Our yesterday’s effort is today’s destiny. Milk that ferments the whole night becomes curds the next day. Between milk and curd there is a difference of name and form yet both are one deep down. Effort and destiny appear as different but in reality they are one only. When green, sour mango is put in a box filled with hay later becomes orange, sweet mango. Within a certain time span it matured and yet both are mango only. The difference between effort and destiny too is unreal. When actions of past life times mature it becomes destiny in the present birth. This destiny certainly is not the result of someone’s grace or wrath but instead is definitely fruits of our past actions. Thus we ourselves are creators of our destiny. This creation could have taken place in the near past or far off past life times.

The world is like a mirror. What ever we are the world appears similarly. It is said that every individual’s world is different. This is quite true because whatever a person is so is his/her world. If a person is full of wrath he will fight with everyone and he will feel that the entire world is troublesome. Criminals, robbers, vile people etc think every other person to be similar in nature. Thus they cast aspersions on others. Indolent, poor, foolish people fling aspersions on others. They will not allow others to advance and rise up the ladder of life and will harass them as much as possible. The thing is that worldly transactions are like a voice coming from a well. In a ripe well if we shout some words those very words will return from the well. Those who are praiseworthy get praises, he who is worth helping gets due aid, those who are revered get reverence and those who deserve insults, censure and punishment will find the same ever ready to get at them.

There are many bad principles in the world and yet good/pious principles out number them. If this were not the case no soul would want to live in this world. Those who are full of good character, power, good thinking, full of inner camaraderie and generosity will find that their fortune is great. The great thinker Emerson used to say that if I am asked to dwell in hell even then because of my pious nature I will convert it to heaven. Those who are vile will face hardships even in heaven. There are so many millionaires in this world who burn themselves in the blazing fire of worries and there are many poor people who live as though they are in heaven. America’s rich man Henry Ford’s digestive power had weakened greatly. When he saw his factory workers yummily eat thick bread he would say: I truly envy them. He wailed aloud: O Lord! Instead of being the rich Henry Ford I would have been happy to be a factory worker who could digest his food with great ease.

From the above example of Ford it is clear that only becoming rich does not necessarily make one happy. The capacity to make one happy lies in energy. It is energy that is our true wealth. In exchange for this wealth we can attain what ever we desire. If a person’s digestive power is fine he/she can get joy equivalent to a creamy cake despite actually eating dry bread. If ones digestive power is weak even the most sumptuous meal will taste bitter and will prove dangerous to ones health. If ones virility is weak even Indra’s Apsaras (heavenly damsels) appear ugly and if ones manhood is virile even externally ugly looking couples enjoy good marriage union. If ones eyes have due power one experiences joy on seeing beauty and the peacock’s shrills will appear wonderful to those whose ears are powerful. When the power of ones eyes and ears get destroyed know for sure that the world will appear dark and morose.

Bodily power
Intellectual power
Knowledge power
Wealth power
Congregational power
Character power
Soul power

The above 7 powers are most required to render our lives illumined, of high stature, wealthy and balanced. Seven horses are attached to the chariot of Savita-sun. Savita has 7 rays of 7 hues which can be seen in a rainbow or through a prism. The Savita part of Gayatri Mantra commands us to become as radiant as the sun and in order to run our life’s chariot the 7 horses in the form of the 7 powers mentined above must be attached. Life’s chariot is so heavy that that it cannot be run using 1 or 2 horses merely. If one wants ones life’s functioning to be obstruction free 7 horses in the form of the 7 powers mentined above must be attached to it.

Healthy body
Experience, discrimination, farsightedness, apt social behavior
Widespread studies, hearing, reflection and holy association with great saints that make our intellect advanced
Gathering in optimum measure materials that are useful for daily living
Having more and more true friends, relatives and benefactors
Imbibing a high character via honesty, sweetness, hard work, protection of self respect, proper social behavior and generosity
Steadfast faith in God and religion/spirituality, self realization, viewpoint of Yoga of action, sacred psyche, sacred thinking and behavior, spiritual bent of mind

These 7 types of power are most required by every human being. These all must evolve in a balanced manner. A tasty meal is one in which salt, pepper, butter, sugar, flour etc are optimal in measure. Suppose you add more of one of these or add less of one of these than what is required, even if the food is cooked with great effort no one will eat it because it is not balanced. If some part of our body is very fat and the other is very thin know that the body definitely is diseased. Thus the above 7 powers must be imbibed in apt measure only.

There are wealthy people but are weak. There are people who are healthy but are stupid. There are scholarly people but lack good character. There are shrewd people but are atheists, vile and unrighteous. There are people with high status but have no true friend. All the likes of these are incomplete. One may progress a great deal but one sidedly. Such people can never be happy in the true sense. There are people who madly rush out to earn wealth, all the while ignoring their body, wisdom, friends etc. This is like only 1 of your 5 sense organs functioning and the rest are rendered lifeless. If you get food for only 1 day in the week and go hungry for the rest of the week it is nothing to be happy about. The food may not be very tasty yet one must get it for all times. In the same way a balanced progress of all 7 powers should take place if we yearn for true everlasting joy.

The Savituhu part of Gayatri commands us to become as radiant as the sun. We must conjoin the 7 horses or the 7 powers to the chariot of our life. The sun is a center and all other planets revolve around it. In the same way we must look upon ourselves as doer centers and creators. Circumstances, objects and events merely revolve around us. Just as the planets revolving around the sun do not influence it in any manner so too circumstances do not influence us. We are the authors and creators of our fate and circumstances. On the basis of our potential we are capable of fulfilling our desires and needs. Mother Gayatri while seating us in her loving lap shows us Savita and teaches us that: My children! Become Savita and follow in its footsteps.

Vedas, Upanishad and Geeta opine that we must attain truth or consciousness that lies beyond the inertness of nature or Prakriti:

Udayam tamaraspariswaa pashyanta uttaram,

Devam devanna surya bhaganya jyotiruttamam.

MEANING: Beyond the limit of spiritual ignorance realize the meritorious light of Savita which is blissful.

Asato ma sat gamaya tamaso ma

Jyotirgamaya mrityorma amritamgamaya.

Walk towards truth which is beyond the unreal, walk towards taintless wisdom oriented light which is beyond darkness/ignorance, walk towards immortality by going beyond the painful and vicious cycles of birth and death. Attain Divine Bliss.

Even the message of Vedmata Gayatri says that it is that Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Bhurbhavaha swaha) and insprer of all (Savita) which must be attained. It is our icon and we must surrender our self to it.

In Vedic literature many synonyms of Prakriti or nature have been given like Tamas, Andhakar, Ajnana, Avidya, Maya, Vimarsha, Prakriti Pradhan, Ajyakta, Vikuntha Shakti, Tripurasundari Vak etc. The synonyms of Lord Narayana are Satya, Savita, Purush, Param Purusha, Parmatma, Sat, Jnana, Sachidananda, Jyoti, Prakash, Brahma, Surya etc. These terms point to the supreme subtle principle beyond nature.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad the origin of the word ‘Satya’ comes from: Sa=living being; Ti=nature; Yam=controller/ruler meaning that existence which rules over living beings and nature. So Satya is one who controls both. Even the word Narayana means one who controlsboth a living beig and nature.

Apo nara iti prokta, apo nara srunavaha.

MEANING: You are the widespread nature. It is Narayana who dwells in nature and living beings.

In principle Satyanarayana and Savita are one. Savita is the name of that creator existence who by being all pervasive gives inspiration to all. It is taintless light in form beyond inertness and darkness. Since it is Prasavita the entire cosmos is the result of its wisdom.

Ancient Veda Mantra commentators have given the meaning of the 3 Vyahvrittis (Bhurbhuvaha swaha) as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss respectively. Bhu means Sat or truth. Bhuvaha is consciousness and Swaha is conscious bliss. It connotes Narayana. In this manner Bhurbhuvaha swaha means Existence-Consciousness-Bliss oriented Narayana.

Everyone accepts that Bhu is existence. Its existence helps entire cosmos remain as it is. Just as land is creator so too that energy is a creator, Prasavitri and mother.

In the Mantras of Sandhya Bhu is said to be related to the brain. “Bhu punatu shirasi”. That Lord Savita must purify my head with its Bhu glory. Again in the same way it is said: “Satyam punatu punaha shirasi”. With the help of Satyam glory, it must sanctify my brain. From this it is clear that Bhu and truth are one. In Gayatri Mantra only 3 of the 7 Vyahvrittis are utilized. The remaining 4 are said to be embedded in the other 3. ‘Satya’ is embedded in Bhu Vyahvritti which is clear from the above discussion.

Gayatri Mantra’s deity is Savita and its meaning is given above. All the Vyahvrittis are Savita’s rays. From the Vyahvritti of “Om bhu shirshasthaniya” its major relationship is established. Since Bhu is in the intellect it is an inspiring energy too which is the meaning of Savita. Hence Bhu truth and Savita are one in meaning.

In the leg of ‘Tatsaviturvarenyam’ Savita means Tat which tells us about its subtle nature, lack of material nature, all pervasiveness and beyond the ken of the senses. That Savita energy which is beyond speech and mind for that Upanishad else where says that: “Tatsatye pratishthitam” or that it is established in truth. Hence Mahatma Gandhi looked upon Satyam or truth as Almighty God’s supreme name.

“Bhargo deasya dhimahi”. Imbibe only that radiant sin destroying Savita’s divine light because “Satyamvai dharmaha” or that truth is righteousness. “Asato ma sadgamaya”. We have to walk in its direction. “Satyameva jayate”. Only that gains victory.

That Savita or Satyanarayana is worth imbibing. To take a vow or to imbibe is one and the same thing. It is only when the wife marries her husband that she is called loyal to her husband.

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