Without exaggeration, mothers are angels living among us. They cater to our needs regardless of their states of minds and health. They nurture us with their unconditional love through hard times. Mothers feel euphorically ecstatic for our success and share tears through our hours of sorrow and failure. The sky is the limit for their generosity of spirit. They are willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of ensuring ours.

Most of us tend to be caught in the complexity of nowadays lifestyles to ignore reciprocating their devotion and eternal love. Few ungrateful kids treat their moms in a shameful manner.

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mother who was always able to bring a smile into my face to ease my pain and suffering through my childhood. Unfortunately, I was not the devoted son she deserved. She passed away in Egypt in 2002 while I was residing in Canada. With tremendous regret, I, unintentionally, deprived her from seeing me one last time before her death. Others ought to learn from my experience.

On May 12th, 2013, we, all, must bow in respect and admiration for mothers everywhere. Children must express their profound love toward their mothers verbally and through thoughtful actions. Giving them a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of perfume, taking them for a dinner at a gourmet dining room and even sending them an email or a making telephone call to them are all reasonable means to show appreciation toward our mothers. We must seize the opportunity of celebrating Mother’s Day to assure moms everywhere that we love them dearly and we are tremendously grateful for their sacrifices.

As for me, I shall pay my respect toward my deceased mother by offering a prayer for her soul and donating some money in her name to the less fortunate. From the bottom of my heart, I wish mothers everywhere a happy Mother’s Day.

Author's Bio: 

Thabet Sava Hassan is an established author, poet and educator. He published 3 books and numerous articles. He is an expert in the fields of relationships and the behavioral conduct of human beings.