If you are looking for marble floor polishing in the London area, we offer a premium service. Since long ago, natural stones such as marble and granite have been popular for their attractiveness and durability. Once polished, the stones have a unique, natural pattern which adds depth to the texture. Much like timber, their appeal is timeless and elegant. A marble, granite or stone floor is no slight investment.

Marble repair company London is the experts on hand to ensure that investment is looked after in the best possible way and repair the marble and reproduce the shine of the marble in less time. Over time, the surface will inevitably wear. The surface may lose its shine and bear scratches from the footfall. We have years of experience in cleaning, polishing and restoring marble floors for residential and commercial clients across London. We pride ourselves on our professional work and reliable services. Whether it's a luxury bathroom or a hotel entrance, you can count on us.

Marble is relatively soft and porous stone. Because of this, they are very prone to fine surface scratches from passing footfall. Marble in the bathroom is particularly susceptible to absorbing unsightly water stains. Over time, they can contribute to the loss of the shine in the stone and in some cases, uneven surfaces. Our restoration process includes a comprehensive sanding to ensure that the surface is even before cleaning and re-applying polish. The cost of each project varies from floor to floor. We will always Endeavour to conduct a site visit to assess the size, material, and condition of the floor before we provide an accurate quote. Alternatively, we may be able to provide a quote based on photographs and a detailed description.

It's not uncommon to believe that cleaning a marble floor follows the same procedure as cleaning floors of other material, such as porcelain. However, marble is essentially a limestone and should be maintained with due care and attention. Marble has long been popular in the art for their malleability and attractive shade and texture. The main component of marble is calcium and as with other limestone’s, they are vulnerable to acidity. While vinegar and lemon juice are known for their natural cleaning properties, they are best avoided for marble floors as the acidity can literally eat away the surface of the stone.

You should also avoid using any solvents such as household cleaning products, as they are extremely abrasive to the marble surface. It can lead to discoloration of the stone and decrease the strength of the tile. Marble stone cleaner London is specialists in working with marble and other stone floor surfaces. Our marble floor cleaning services are available across London and the Home Counties. Our professional cleaning service includes removing any existing sealant and treating discoloration and stains on the surface of the stone.

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