After I had been on the path for a number of years, I ended up doing a fair amount of healing work around my own path lives. At the time, this appeared to be something that would allow me to make progress.

Once I stopped doing this, I rarely thought about past lives. This all changed many years after when I started to look through my birth chart, with their being a number of parts that went into this area.

A Key Moment

A little while after this, I ended up taking a greater look at path lives after I came into contact with someone who was into this topic. This was someone who had a very deep understanding and was happy to share his insights with me.

Along with this, he even came up with a few people who he thought that I had been in the past. I thought this was very interesting, and I could relate to a lot of the people who he mentioned.

An Escape

One thing that came to mind, through hearing about past lives, was how easy it must be for someone to leave the present moment if they are into something like this. What happened in their past will then completely consume their present life.

If something like this was to happen, it is likely to show that their present life is not very fulfilling. Even so, focusing on what happened in the past is not going to allow them to change their present circumstances.

Another Occurrence

I also heard about how it is possible to end up in a relationship with someone who we were with in a past life, and how this was likely to lead to a really strong connection - a connection that is far deeper than it would be otherwise.

This made me think about how I have had friends who I felt as though I had known for a very long time, even if I hadn’t known them for very long. Still, I could see how this could cause people to stay in dysfunctional relationships.

A Trap

For example, if someone believes that they were with another person in a past life, it could cause them hold onto a relationship that is harming them. If, on the other hand, they didn’t believe that this was the case, they might be more likely to cut their ties.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how long someone has known another person for; if being with them is wearing them down, it is probably going to be best for them to end the relationship.


What this could show is that someone is carrying a lot of emotional pain, and staying with them is a way for them to keep this pain at bay. If they believe that they can’t live without his person, for instance, this is likely to be so.

No matter what has happened between them in the past, they are both on their own path and have their own life to live. Staying with this person to avoid pain is not going to aid their own evolution.

Another Angle

This is then going to be no different to how someone can see another person as their parent, with this stopping them from having a healthy relationship. What this is likely to show is that their early years were not very nurturing.

But unless they are able to step back and to see that they are projecting their unhealed parts onto the other person, they will continue to be dependent on the other person and to stay in an undeveloped state. The pain that is within them will cause them to feel as though they are not a whole human being.

Final Thoughts

I think that this shows that even if a past life connection exists; one is still going to have stuff to work on. This kind of connection doesn’t make one except from having to deal with the kinds of issues that would arise in a ‘normal’ relationship.

The mind does what it can to experience pleasure and to avoid pain, and this is why it will be happy to see a relationship as being a past life connection. Doing so will simply be another way for it to avoid pain.

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