We Are All Telepathic Beings-further evidence of who we really are

When we open our eyes we see a world that does not exist outside of our mind and conscious thoughts. It is all just a reflection in the mirror of our inner thoughts, beliefs and perceptions of reality. There are no separate individuals, animals, lakes, mountains, planets, houses, cities or countries. What we think and believe is true and real becomes our world of truth and reality. If we change these thoughts and beliefs our perceived world would change also whether in mircrocosm or macrocosm; whether in the smallest of details or the largest. Our thought is our world.
When we think and believe we are talking with another person, we are not. There is no real person in front of us or behind us, it is only a mirrored reflection of our inner thought and conversation. Yes, we are talking and conversing with our brothers and sisters but this conversation takes place within the one universal mind and one universal consciousness that is all part of the one source and one creator. Nothing exists outside of this one spiritual pure energy consciousness. There is no separation what so ever; not separate bodies or planets or anything else. Every thing that happens, happens from within this omnipresence not from without. Our thoughts, no matter how private we believe they are, are shared by the entirety of the collective consciousness, God and man. It is this mass consciousness that affects us and our perceived world every minute of every day. What we think we see happening in the news, on tv or in our direct lives comes from within this consciousness. We believe that it comes from other separate people who we agree or disagree with, but this is all part of the illusionary reality that is our perceived world.
The emmense power and glory that we all possess has been almost beyond our comprehension but today we will begin to believe in the impossible for it is us.
This knowledge is part of our journey of awakening to who and what we really are. The idea of our telephatic power is fun to think about but the truth in this one thought expands eons of time when we once remembered who we were. It now can begin to bring us back to those glorious days of remembrance. We are not who we think we are today but who we were yesterday.

Your journey is continuing......enjoy every second for the end is only your beginning.

Author's Bio: 

RL VANWALDICK, professional businessman for 30 years and author of the provocative and profound spiritual book, A Reversal of Thought, www.areversalofthought.com