Here in the U.S. and I suppose other places, people seem to be cynical at times. It seems that faith or trust in feelings is taken away or shied away from at an early age. We seem to be taught to disregard anything we cannot see or touch. You know, seeing is believing. This leaves people to dismiss the unseen and unexplained. Nor do we value the notion that we have energies inside that can actually help us create a better life for ourselves, along with emotions that come into play often when we need them most. We seem to pay little attention to the dreams and wonderment of each individual and how important these are to finding the journey each is suppose to be on.

When looking at nature, though I am not an expert on this, it looks like every function of a particular species has a design to meet specific needs. A good example of this to me, is the human body's ability. Each part of the body has a different purpose to have humans succeed at life and all the challenges presented. We also have amazing minds that solve problems constantly. Also the feeling in a human body is amazing with different parts of the body feeling in different ways.

If God, the universe, gave such care to the physical parts of a human then why would the same care not be given to our feelings, the emotional and spiritual aspect of humans? The spiritual side is what causes the dreams, the energies to move forward, the drive to continue. We got it wrong I believe in not giving more attention to the aspect of humans that cause and recognize the possibilities of each other and this world.

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Liz Cosline
SongofOneUnexpectedLife - S.O.U.L.

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