We Tend To Get What We Ask For

Some of the Eastern Spiritual paths teach that it is desire that brings us back to the earth in additional lifetimes to learn what the soul can learn from human experiences. If there were no human attachments whatsoever, then what would be the purpose of ever coming back to the earth? I believe it is unfulfilled wishes, hopes and dreams that prevent us from moving on to the higher planes where human desires simply do not exist for the soul has evolved beyond its humanity and merged into its own divinity and with the divinity of others.
I personally do look forward to the time when my soul learns all that it has chosen to learn from human experiences on the earth so that I can move on to higher and bigger and better things so to speak. It is wonderful when we stretch our spiritual muscles and open up to the realms of the soul. As our intuition and spiritual senses heighten we begin to tune into the spiritual realms and domains. We can make contact with beings, angelic, evolved, and otherwise on countless dimensions as well as contact our spirit guides, and guardian, and master angels and even the souls of the departed whether we knew them on the earth or not. Once we begin to slow down our minds, we can start to hear their gentle whisperings and the wonderful, practical and empowering advice and messages they have for us.
After many years of being obsessed with my human desires, I am no longer strung around and enslaved by them as I was for many years. The yearning and seeking for human love via a personal relationship is a top priority when it comes to personal desires for most people. That desire can transform into the desire to serve humankind via spreading unconditional love and acceptance for all people and offering what assistance and gifts we may have to offer.
Graduating from concentrating on human and 'ego' love, to being a servant of humankind through spiritual love and service is an accomplishment I am proud to have made. This in no way implies that those who move forward in this manner claim to be more evolved or advanced than anyone else. There is no 'good' or 'bad' in the bigger scheme and 'greater picture' of life. There are simply experiences and lessons that we learn, or do not learn.
The law of attraction is impersonal. It works in all areas of our lives. This means that we can just as easily attract spiritual blessings and gifts as we can material prosperity and abundance. Ten years ago, to be exact, I decided to trade in my quest for worldly desires for more spiritual ones. I wanted to help people so I built my own spiritual business and practice and became a sole proprietor and entrepreneur. I have found that this works for me and allows me time to write, which is one of my favorite past times as well as a good way to make new contacts and to inform, educate and empower other people.
After all, there is no way we can meet every single human being on the planet, at least on a physical plane sense. Yes, I know and admit that things are much better now since the internet has come along. All the popular websites, writing sites, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and others make it easier to reach out to our fellow humans all over the world. That is a wonderful thing. But it is wonderful to reach out in other ways, such as via writing articles and books that people we will never meet may have the opportunity to read.
I love the St. Francis Prayer For Peace. It begins with "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love." And it goes on. I say this prayer frequently for it expresses my desire to be a servant and friend of mankind. This does not mean that I have become a hermit and ignore people out there in the 'real world' that we inhabit. I am a partial hermit but I do come out of my spiritual cave and deal with 'the folks' as I call humankind. I do this through counseling and entertaining. What a grander way to assist and uplift people than to entertain and make them laugh?
In my past life regressions I have learned that I have been a jester, troubadour and minstrel in several lifetimes. I can so relate to that as can others who are drawn to the medieval and renaissance eras and who love to attend the renaissance fairs. I had the pleasure to work a big renaissance fair one summer some ten years ago and I have to admit I felt right at home. So now when I perform my telegrams I dress up as a jester, donning the pointed hat, tights, and funky shoes, the whole garb. People can be fickle and that is no different when it comes to the spiritual domain as well. Yet we learn to roll with the punches or go with the flow as the sayings go. There is no need to get stressed out when things don't necessarily go our way.
As an example of watch what you ask for, I asked my guides to bring me opportunities for entertaining. I love writing and performing telegrams as much as I love counseling others. Just the other day, I asked my guides to give me that opportunity. I gave thanks in advance, believing my request would be granted. The next day a lady called and booked an appointment for herself and her mother for a session. The next morning she called and cancelled saying that the drive was too long. My first reaction was disappointment and a feeling of anger. "She should have done her research and found out that it was a two hour drive, before calling me," my inner child complained.
I let the energy move about and then I intervened. "I am not going to let this upset my apple cart," I countered the angry voice. "And besides there is always more where that came from." I liked the sound of that, and repeated it, as repetition is very important when it comes to manifesting. "There is always more where that came from," I repeated several times, "and plenty more besides."
I could feel the energy shift as I began to lighten up. That changes our energy and vibration and even sends off light and positive emanations in the ethers that people can and do subliminally and subconsciously pick up on. This is why it is of utmost importance to constantly keep watch on our energy and emotions. For the positive emotions attract positive circumstances, people, situations, etc. and the negative ones attract negative people, circumstances, and so forth.
I am not implying that any of us should or even can always be in a positive frame of mind where we are 'feeling' the love. For to be human is to err and we all have our challenging negative emotions and things to deal with. But God or 'source' has blessed us with free will. None of us are doomed or obligated to stay in the pit or abyss of sorrow and negativity. If we do, and it is a choice, then we are the ones to attract more negative experiences. The law of attraction is universal and impersonal. It gives us just 'exactly and 'precisely' what we put out there, even if we are putting it out subconsciously and are not even consciously aware of doing so. This is all the more reason to constantly be alert and to 'check in' with our inner self, guide, and soul to see what kind of thoughts and feelings we are creating.
So in shifting my energy through a personal choice, which led to a different course of action and perceiving, I changed my destiny and created and gave 'life' to my desire. A few hours after the lady cancelled the two sessions, another lady called and asked me to do a singing telegram for her boss and she even offered to pay me double for doing it on the same day at a last minute notice. That was both of our lucky days because I 'just' happened to be available and had made no plans to be away. Again, there are no coincidences. I believe her spirit guides may have very well prompted her to give me that call, that just happened to come a short time after I gave thanks to universe for prosperity and acknowledged that there is always more where that comes from.
After all, if we don't believe in magic and miracles and state our 'intention' with belief, feelings, and expectations, how can the magic and miracles manifest? They answer is they do not. The creation of magic and miracles is 'soul' work. It is not a cognitive function of the left rational brain or mind. It does not follow human rules. It involves the belief in unseen invisible forces that operate in our lives which we can align with and contact to manifest our dreams. The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. So when the dreams and magic start manifesting on a consistent basis then we know that we are in the flow and are in alignment with our guides and the universal law of attraction.
Back to my story. Two hours later I was dressed like a court jester and away I went and performed the telegram. The people clapped and said it was wonderful. My inner child enjoyed that emotional stroking very much, I might add, because as I have mentioned in other articles, it was very difficult for me to receive compliments for many years due to having been constantly berated, criticized and put down by my father as a child.
The universe and our guides love it when we are very 'specific' in our desires and in expressing them. Now don't get me wrong. If something we desire violates the free will or imposes upon someone else, it is more than likely that our guides and our very own soul, won't allow such selfish desires to manifest. But if our desires are pure and respecting of others, then you sure enough better be careful what you ask for, for the universe always delivers. And nowadays the delivery can happen within moments, hours, or even the blink of an eye.
We also have to 'sometimes' earn the right to having our desires manifest. This is all part of the 'manifesting dreams scenario. This week I was a good boy and made lots of phone calls to help get my writings out there. It was very time consuming and also draining at times I might add. But I know that if I don't do my part then the universe won't do its part either. It's a two way street as the saying goes.
I find that I am almost rewarded when I put in 'the sacred labor' as I like to call it. And the universe granted my very specific wish and desire. I had said that I did not want to invest any money into purchasing helium balloons and so forth until I had a customer. In two days I had two.
May we all keep our heads up high as the saying goes and keep working on ourselves. It's a good thing to desire to have a good life, and material comforts and possessions can be a part of that. It's also good to have spiritual desires and to have them manifested can be one of the greatest pleasures that exists. As always, may the force and the farce be with us each and everyone. May we keep our sense of humor and know that laughter is indeed the best medicine there is.

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