I have had the pleasure of working with and hanging out with both types of women. I don’t particularly like the word weak, so I will use the term; temporarily weak. I have pondered about both of these types and I tried furiously to come up with a common denominator. So this is how I broke it down.

A strong woman is a woman who exudes self confidence in all forms; both personally and professionally. A strong woman cannot be controlled or manipulated. She is 100% sound on the decisions that she makes and has done her homework to back it. The strong woman knows what her path in life will be and if she ever becomes unsure she has the ability to sit down and map it out, logically. There is not too much that the strong woman cannot do or obtain. There is nothing in her path to her destiny and should something appear, she will move it out of her way.

A weak person portrays just the opposite of the strong woman. The reason I use the term “temporarily weak” is because they have this time span to get out of this weakness state. A classis example is that of a strong woman made weak by some form of victimization. What that does is it destroys the self confidence. That self confidence makes us who we are. That self confidence tells others how they can treat us. Self confidence is both mental and physical. If you have ever noticed, if you mend someone’s self confidence, they start to become stronger. It’s when they start to believe in themselves hence believing in their decisions.

So what is the process of repairing the damaged self confidence of someone? You have to change it on all levels. You can start by saying something simple every day. A compliment goes a long way. You look pretty today! That dress looks great! You are a great cook!

Just as it is with everything, there are all different levels of damage to the self confidence. This simply means that with some people it will take longer for them to regain their strength. The weak person needs to feel safe so that they may come out of their shell. It might not be safe and so they avoid any type of attention. By constantly reinter rate that the weak person is smart, you help build their self confidence in their decision making process. Either a lack of praise or a person purposefully trying to break the other person, are some of the reasons why a person might have low self confidence.

A strong woman made weak; This happens more than you can imagine. And one of the reasons that it is so hard to perceive is because people confuse a woman being strong with a perfect woman. Just because you are strong does not mean that you are perfect. No one in this world is perfect. So that is why it’s hard for everyone to understand this concept of a strong woman becoming weak. They figure, she’s strong and smart, no one could ever take advantage of her or tell her what to do…wrong. It happens every single day.

How the process of weakening began. After going through everything I came up with the conclusion that time is the most important factor in all of this. Let me explain in detail.

If a strong person is made weak, it is by someone that is attacking her self confidence. The person doing this might be saying mean or negative things to her. Anybody that demoralizes someone else is slowly chipping away at their self confidence. What can be the effects of time do to this soul? The end result at it’s worse is someone literally dragging themselves on the ground with no strength to get back up. You see when you think about time as being a major factor; you have to think that it happens on a daily basis; sometimes for years. Now see what you have left. Not much. So let’s take it one step further. Let’s say someone is in a verbally abusive relationship, they have been in it for five years. How much time will it take for that person to actually be where they need to be on an emotional level? I think that it would be 10 years. Why, because it will take that victim that long to believe you. It will take her 5 years alone to figure out if she can trust you and then she will fall back on her old belief system, the one that was drilled in her head.

The reason I call it “temporarily made weak” is because at any point in time it can be changed to a road of starting to get strong. It is only temporary because time doesn’t stop. It might take 5 months, or 1 year or 3 years, or 15 years. Either way, it can all be reversed and made into a positive. It will take some work on your part and the part of those around you.

We are all strong but some are made weak, temporarily.

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