Feeling inferior prevents you from finding happiness and can make anyone overdo proving that they are adequate or superior rather than accept the reality that they simply are not perfect or perhaps even capable of doing the particular task. We are all less than someone else, and more than others, but people do not like to accept that they are inferior to anyone.

Fighting back by resisting or disputing and trying to prove the other person wrong, one makes a fool of oneself. Secondly, they make more errors, third, waste time and energy, lastly and most important, never learn and grow. Denying reality also builds up stress. Anyone will be contradictory to anything they are told when ignoring reality.

The real waste is that this attitude of being contradictory means you may not even get what you like because the automatic response of the malfunctioning machine is to be contradictory to what you are presented with even if that is what you naturally would prefer. By unconsciously reacting with a closed mind, wisdom is chucked out the window of your life.

People have a false concept that they can do anything. The concept that anybody can do anything is what prevents us from actually doing anything because we will ignore our limitations and try to achieve things that we are simply not capable of. Every person has a natural skill or ability for perhaps one or perhaps 10 or 100 things, but we each have a natural ability for something we are good at.

To try and pursue an ability or life in some skill that is not within our natural ability to do adequately will take our time and effort away from working on and developing that which we are capable of doing well. We basically miss the opportunity to cultivate that skill and succeed at something that we would really enjoy and do very well in life.

Anybody can be very good at something but not at everything. This is so easy to prove by observing yourself and others who talk about doing things and never succeed. And of course the most obvious, that if everyone was capable of doing anything, then why are there so few successful and rich people?

Understanding this and putting in your most precious asset, which is your time and energy, towards developing that which you are most likely to succeed at means that all of your worldly efforts and aspects of life, relationships, family, business, work, money, will be able to achieve your highest potential which has nothing to do in comparison to the highest potential of other people.

We must also acknowledge the individuality of each person and each persons limitation compared to others. The person who can do certain tasks beyond your capacity may be incapable of doing the things you find the simplest.

‘Who do you think you are’ versus ‘to know who you are’. Your skills and limitations, and living within those constraints and possibilities, will give you focus and direction.

The one who knows their limitations and works fully on their capacities, puts in the full effort and achieves greatness making the best use of the most precious irreplaceable asset, time!

If you believe you can do anything, and you don’t succeed, then you convince yourself that you are a failure. This is self-lying. You did not fail when you tried to do something that you could not achieve. You succeeded in wasting time on a hopeless effort. That breeds negative imagination. This leads you in the endless loop of an average human life; trying, failing, convincing yourself you’re a failure, and staying with the lie that you can do whatever you want regardless of the proof that you cannot.

The wastage of energy which is wasting life itself and the great shame of this manner of living.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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