This article is designed to allow you to have some real relief. Not the "fake it till you make it" kind of relief, but the "tell the truth now, tell the truth later" kind of relief: authentic, and lasting. Relief from what? From what the details of our lives may actually be at any one moment. No truer words were ever spoken than "this too shall pass." Our lives are this way because change is the only constant in this Universe of flux and flow. And the more flowing we become with that flux, the more fluid we become. This flowing is called our ability to "be" with something. Which means our ability to see things for what they are without judgment or complaint. Because they are the way they are! What happens then? Think about it. What is the most powerful, and hardest to damage, substance on Earth? Water. And what is the most fluid fluid you can think of? Again, water! We can learn ways we can flourish in the midst of hard times, or any other times, from water's relationship to everything around it. And it turn, use that mirroring to be an example of all the good that human fluidity can garner for us.

First, those details. They may or may not be details that you desire to be experiencing, or that you in any way now, or ever, will like. This isn't about change, it's about truth. Truth is, they are the way they are and that's it. Those details may in fact change in the future, or your relationship to them may change, but since they already are, even if you, or they, do change, what they are right now will never change. And the fact that you may never like them is alright too, because how you feel in this moment is also part of what is, and so will never change. Yes, our feelings go from one place to another, all the time, yet for what we feel right now in this moment, that's it. It's what we feel, and how we feel is part of what is. Two hours from now we may feel different, but we never feel different in this moment, two hours from now.

So here we have two things going on. One, the details of our lives are what they are. And two, how we right now feel about them, is what it is. Take money for instance, since most of us have many feelings about money. Right now, any one of us could feel that we simply don't have enough money in order to be happy. Or that we do have enough money in our lives to be happy. Either way, still, money doesn’t cause our happiness! Only we do that, from decisions as to what will make us happy, and what will make us unhappy. Yet regardless of how much money any one of us do or do not have in any one now moment, if we all really wanted to get to the actual thing we thought we would attain by having that money, to be happy, truth is, any one of us without exception could do that right now, and regardless of what our money situation is. Now is it alright with us that we have bills to pay, and it could be that we don't know how we're going to do that? No, it may not be. And it may never be alright with us. But that's alright too! So where does all the relief come from here? It comes from telling the truth. Truth is, the more you depend upon yourself for your own happiness, and not on external details such as how much money you don't have or even do have, the way The Universe works is, It will give you more money as a causative result of being happy for no reason other than you desire to be happy! Ever notice how easy it is to attain those things that are just not that important to you? Why is that? Because with no resistance to them, you are being, in relationship to having them, the most fluid you ever are in your life. That's when you are just being with what is, without complaint or judgment! That's also when it isn't bad if they don't work out and it isn't necessarily that good if they do! It just is.

Frustrated? I know I am. This stuff just drives me crazy. And it drives me even crazier when it works, and every time. But again, that's just more of what is, the way it is, and to try and change Universal Law would be even more crazy! We've all heard of The Law Of Attraction, and how you have to feel good about something before it will be attracted to you. Or at the least, if you feel completely neutral about it, it will zoom toward you like a meteor! It's like that damned dog in the yard I want to have come into the house. I scream at him, and stomp my feet, but he just won't budge from behind the doghouse. But the second I smile, and it's real, and he knows that I could possibly have a treat for him, what happens? He shoots out of there and zooms into the house. I could just have a fit even thinking about it now. Well, money is just like that dog. And so is every other detail of our lives: resistant to our resistance, and flowing with our flowing. And that too is just one more truth about the way it is.

So what does all this have to do with the details of our lives? Everything. Because if you can simply be with, or be able to not judge, not complain about, and not try to change, any single detail of your life, from money, to manifesting, to marriage, and simply tell the truth about what it is right now, then you will have gained an enormous amount of personal power. Personal power is the power to have things shift into the way you would like them to be, but the kicker is, you have to be with, and manage to in any way you can, love, what they already are, first. This is the key and the kicker to happiness, or any other state of being in our lives, including being rich. There's nothing wrong with unhappiness, and the longer you resist your unhappiness, or any other particular detail of your life and the way it, in truth, is, right in this moment, the longer it will last! When we give up resisting any detail of our lives, then what happens? The power it has to affect our moods to the negative, to upset us, and to act as a block that thwarts our intentions, simply disappears! Does the block necessarily disappear? I don't think so! Unhappiness can't change from what it was. But what happens is our relationship to it can change, and at any time we choose to have it do so. And since that's the one relationship that we always have the most power in The Universe to shift, at any one moment in time, moment, by moment, by moment, then choosing what any single relationship we have to any particular detail of our lives is, is what our most efficient means for being successful, happy, rich, or anything else, is. Our voice, our choice!

This is important: our relationship to any detail in our lives is more important than the actual detail. Let me give you an example. I had a relationship to my kids where I was able to spend three to four days a week with them after school, enjoying our relationship and the time spent together. Then everything changed. My ex-wife moved, and I could do nothing about it, along with the change in my kid's schooling. Now I am seeing them one day a week. Now that's what is. Do I like it? Of course not! Can I do anything about that fact? It doesn't seem as if I can change any of these details right now, so I am willing to accept that too, because, again, it is what it is. But what I am not willing to accept, is any detriment to my relationship with my kids that might have come out of seeing them less of the time.

And this is what has happened. They are so excited to see me now, because of having been away for a few days, that many more of the moments we do have together, are spent in excitement and having a good time than ever before. That good time? It also includes every single detail of our lives, including the arguments, the conflict, and the joy! It's all good, because it's our lives, and mostly because it is the way it is, and that's it. The "what is" hasn't changed, but what has changed is our relationship to each other. Now we are even more focused on having a good time together when we do get the chance to spend a while as a family. And even when they are not so focused, because kids are kids and they want all sorts of things contrary to their own happiness, I know that my relationship to them has so shifted that it doesn't matter how much time I spend with them, but rather, what really counts is how I am being when I am with them. So my joy is not in the time I spend, but how I'm spending that time, with them, or with any other detail of my life now. Not just as some clever adage, but for real, and authentically. And it's that "how I am choosing to spend my time," or my literal "way of being," that I have the absolute power to affect. I can choose to be either sad and bitter, or I can elect to be happy and ebullient when I am with them.

Now, is this happiness when I am with them, given the current situation, something that just falls out of the sky for me? No, it's very hard! I still have to work at it all the time, and in the beginning I used go back and forth with this constantly. Sometimes I would lose miserably, but at others, I would win fabulously through deliberately choosing what my way of being, or my general mood, was going to be when I was with them. The good news is, overall, more and more of the time, I'm winning. What I am winning is the ability to be with what is, or life as it is, in a way that is healthy for me, and healthy for my kids. They already know I don't like spending less time with them, so I don't have to tell them that over and over again. Is this a "great opportunity" to get off it and learn something valuable about how to be happy in my life regardless of external circumstances? If I hear those "great opportunity" words one more time, I think I'll do more than just scream!

Yet despite whatever way any one of us chooses to describe what the "opportunity" within the details of any of our lives is, the time I spend with them is a detail of my life where I can choose to grow, to learn, and to acquire dramatically powerful skills that given the severity of the situation in my feelings, will impact to the positive, every single other area of my life, bar none. Do I have to like it? No, and I don't! Do I have to choose to grow, or to consider what is, a great opportunity? No, I don't have to do those things either. All I have to do is to tell the truth about the way it is, or to tell the truth about any single other detail of my life, and then after being with the fact that it is the way it is, then choose what my relationship to it is now going to be. In this way, we devote our energy to that which has the greatest causative effect for bringing more good into our lives, regardless of what the details of our lives actually are. We've all got the power! And that means, you do too!

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