While the market has plenty of tools to enable the development of web apps, ASP.NET has consistently managed to be the top choice for a significant number of developers worldwide. However, before we delve further into what makes it a great resource, let us first take a look at some of the key technologies that constitute ASP.NET.

  1. Web pages: This particular provision allows coders to create web pages with utmost ease.
  2. MVC: The mobile-view-controller architecture is globally celebrated for easing the development of even complex apps.
  3. Web forms: This particular technology is aimed at assisting with the development of a variety of apps, be it small, dynamic, or even fast performing apps.

Time to check out the ASP.NET benefits everyone keeps talking about.

  1. Improved performance: The number one benefit of using ASP.NET for development work is the gains one achieves in the context of performance. It ensures code optimization, which delivers a significant boost to the app’s performance. Every time the code is re-compiled, the compiler automatically tends to code optimization, thus also taking off some of the workloads from the developers’ shoulders.
  2. Cross-platform development: Enables cross-platform development, i.e. you can use it to create apps that can run on a variety of platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. This means you don’t have to write different codes for every platform on which you intend to offer your app.
  3. Ease of maintenance: Helps reduce the amount of coding required and that, in turn, automatically makes maintenance of the app much, much easier. This is because any developer charged with an ASP-driven app’s maintenance first needs to understand the code in its entirety to optimize it. Hence, the smaller the code, the easier it is to maintain the app.

Now, let us also take a look at some reasons why ASP.NET comes so highly recommended.

  1. Razor pages: Though a relatively new addition to the ASP.NET arsenal, Razor Pages have quickly proven to be an essential feature. This is because they help render programming more page-focused and also enhance productivity.
  2. Reduced coding time: Coding is, of course, a monumental task, but it does not have to also be a prolonged process and that is why ASP.NET is favored by developers. This nifty tool allows developers to significantly cut down the amount of coding required for developing apps of all scales, but especially when it comes to large-scale apps.
  3. Agility: As any developer will tell you, agility is critical to the success of the development project because, without it, it is a Herculean task to deliver precisely what your client needs and expects. This is yet another reason why ASP.NET remains such a crowd favorite: based on the common language runtime, this framework can empower programmers with the requisite flexibility for building an ace product.

As you can see folks, ASP.NET is a truly versatile tool that comes loaded with a world of technologies and features that are primed to enable the development of world-class digital solutions. Now, the next step would be to start looking for a trusted provider for ASP.NET development services so you can get started on the project ASAP.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.