Learning styles, with the course of change in technology, has taken a paradigm shift. The theoretical and moderator based learning has transformed and now online learning modules are single handedly capable of tutoring highly skilled and trained managers. In the world driven by internet, self paced e-learning programs have mesmerized everyone with their approach, reach and scope. New age organizations are switching on to the web based learning management system, so as to keep their employees well-informed of the current scenario. The upcoming training models are ready to revolutionize the training methodology with a more simple approach, which further enhances its reach.

The strategic advantage of the web based learning management system is that it can be delivered through mobiles and computers as well making it easily accessible. Training is no more a time bound process; it can be carried out using mobile applications and social networking sites. However it is believed that using such interfaces, the learning process can be fun filled and would interest more users. Learners can access the training material while they are logged on to networking sites and can share the module with their colleagues, if they like it. Mobile learning also includes game based learning, where in, the users are given game based learning programs.

Gone are the days when only big firms used to implement the e-learning management systems, as it required huge investments. Smaller firms and start-ups can also integrate e-learning with their current training programs by availing the Software as a Service (SaaS). It is a cost-effective program, where in, management and maintenance of the software is handled by the service provider. Emergence of cloud computing or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) aids organizations in selecting the service configuration as per their needs. It can be activated and deactivated whenever required. Moreover, organizations can also increase or decrease the number of servers as per their requirements without spending an extra penny. The highlight of IaaS is that the individuals are only required to pay for the bandwidth they have consumed.

LMS e learning can also be outsourced to an off shoring company. Before outsourcing, clients must do a background check of the service provider. If the service provider is lacking in appropriate infrastructure or has fewer resources to cater to the needs of the client, then the deal would obviously be useless. The service provider should be well-aware of the modern technology and must be the front runner when it comes to quality and the security of the content.

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