With the explosion of information technology era, we entered into an ocean of information. This information explosion is based heavily on the Internet, the information infrastructures Web content mining and structure mining is often used in mining, including mining.

Data mining, text mining and web mining, various techniques and processes to the right information from large databases link, the companies make better business decisions with precision, therefore, data mining, text mining and web mining helps a lot is "to promote the objectives of customer relationship management, whose primary purpose is to kick off, expansion, and the profiling and categorizing customers to personalize a customer relationship. However, the number of cases that must be addressed along with the Web mining process.

The protection of personal problems can be said that the trigger button. More recently, privacy violation complaints and concerns significantly increases, as traders, companies, governments and the large amount of personal information continues to collect and warehouse. Not only is there concern about personal information collection and compilation, but also the use of the data conflict is most likely in this regarded.

There are also confronted with other data mining problems. 'Information confusion' we cover the analysis and can lead to incorrect results and recommendations. "Customer data, incorrect data or incorrect information during the import efficiency and effectiveness of Web mining is a real threat. Data mining is a risk that can be mistaken for data storage is mining cross-selling creates a problem if it can break the privacy of customers, their abuse of trust or annoys them with unnecessary requests.

Web mining can greatly help and improve the marketing program, which targets customer’s line up the interests and needs. Despite the potential obstacles and barriers, the market for web mining in the coming years is expected to grow by several billion dollars. Mining information to potential customers in identifying and comprehensive database that "buried" goal and helps strengthen customer relationships. Hidden information from data mining algorithms retrieved data.

Data mining is the great mass of data, the practical business of deciding which interpretations can be used to extract useful information to help. It is basically a technical and mathematical process using specially designed software programs involves. Knowledge discovery in databases, such as data mining (KDD) is known as the quest to contain the information in large databases.

Data mining tools in the future market trends and consumer behavior, potentially active and knowledge-based businesses can help solve predict. It also causes the reason why data mining, "Knowledge Discovery" as is. With the use of data mining, business organizations, business intelligence consultants and construction, which were very intricate and complex analysis and related to the first set, find it easier to answer questions? Here I stated below is the list of most popular data mining tools which are very useful in real world related to the business.

Some popular mining software, data include: Machinery Connexor, Copernic Summarizer, Corpora, DocMINER, dolphin search, dtSearch, DS dataset, Enkata, Entrieva, Assistant File Search, Free Text Software Technologies, Intellex, is more insightful, Inxight, ISYS: desktop, Klarity (Part Intology tool) Leximancer, Lextek Onix Toolkit, profiling engine Lextek analyst text Megaputer, Monarch.

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