Data mining is a tool to convert data into information. Useful data is generated every year. To search for specific information from them many times. To save time and accurate data mining in the game. Web mining is a process of folding of the structure of web information, content and use. To perform this task, the experts knowledge.

Web mining is the systematic approach to search by keywords and hyperlink web based business intelligence to get. It requires analytical skills to understand the structure of the website provides hypertext. Hyperlinks are huge amount of hidden human annotations can help the authority to automatically understand. If the webmaster provides a hyperlink to another page or site, this action is seen as a support for this webpage. Search engines focus on such high bail to the importance of the page to define and place higher in the organic search results.

However, not every hyperlink back in the future if the webmaster can be used for other purposes, such as navigation or paid advertising. It is important to note that the authoritative pages rarely give informative descriptions.

This system features hyperlink forced researchers to another major category page called hubs to evaluate. A hub is a unique, informative website that provides collections of links to the authorities. It may be a few links to other sites but the link to a collection of the biggest sites on a single subject. A hub prices directly on the status of authority sites that focus on one topic. Typically, a hub of quality items to the authorities of the quality of many, and, conversely, a web page that links many of these hubs can be regarded as a higher authority.

Such an approach to identifying authoritative pages led to the development of algorithms, such as the popularity of Page Rank. Google uses the Page Rank algorithm to the authority of each page to search relevant. By analyzing the structure and content hypertext web, they can make the search engines search engines index better than the word, such as Ask and directories like DMOZ topic. Our experience in the network structure of the data mining, data mining statistical software and data manipulation, which makes us the best choice for customers.

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