Firms for web development in London are popularly hired now by businesses since it is impossible to secure profits in the absence of proper online exposure. Though the terms web developer and designer are used interchangeably in advertisements and media, this is far from being the case. Web design in London involves things that a visitor sees on a particular site, while website development considers itself with website functionality.
Websites come with a few distinct aspects:
Feel and look: This involve colour scheme, graphics and navigation elements.
Content: Content concerns itself with products and information that are to be made available in a particular website.
Functionality: Functionality involves a series of interactive features that a site provides to its visitors as well as the infrastructure needed to improve them.
Usability: This involves visualising the website from the perspective of visitors and includes things like usefulness, navigation and program interaction.
Look and feel: Look and feel considers itself with overall appearance of sites. Graphic designers decide on the font and colour as well the layout of a webpage. Firms for -web development in London- host graphic designers since they are the ones who can appreciate aesthetics and thus can determine the combination of imagery and colours that will be capable of projecting the right image.
Content: Content essentially bases itself upon text and includes a series of things right from privacy policy to sales letter, impressing upon benefits of product. Firms for web development in London host writers as well since they are assigned the task of copywriting as well as editing content.
Functionality: Functionality includes a series of interactive features and may or may not include animations. Programmers work on web server or browser for creating these functions, making use of a series of language. Flash is used for animating graphics. Firms dealing with web development in London use programming languages like php, java and perl for creating sophisticated and dynamic pages.
Usability: This is checked out from the point of view of users and mostly involves testing elements like if the feel and look is portraying the right image, is navigation of the website is user friendly, if the site gets loaded faster and its likes.
Though number of features of web design and -web development in London- overlaps each other, website design concerns itself with look, feel and content creation whereas web development in London concerns itself with functionality of site as well as testing of usability. Web designers need to be proficient with graphic designing tools. They usually own adept knowledge on HTML as well so that they can implement it in their design. However, animations as well as layout of site content are also dealt with by designers. Programmers are assigned the task of creating functionality of sites. HTML content can also be integrated in the webpage.
In almost all case, tasks of web design and web development in London are carried out in close collaboration with each other. Usually the larger companies can only hire separate website design and website development firms. Normally, website designers and programmers are just two separate people who work in close collaboration with each other in order to aid creation of successful site.
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