Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Fire Fox feature a variety of add-ons for both web design and SEO. This article offers various reviews and tips regarding some of
the latest add-ons so you can get the most out of your web browser.

The use of web browser add-ons are a great way to increase productivity. If you're unsure about this concept, add-ons are tools or applications which are installed or downloaded to your web browser. These handy tools assist with accessing vital data and information needed for various tasks within search marketing, web design and other things.

For many workers in the information technology field, the use of add-ons when using popular browsers, is a must. The following identifies the popular SEO and web design add-ons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

SEO For Internet Explorer

SEO Cool Bar - The name speaks for itself, and includes some of the best and popular add-ons for fans of Internet Explorer. SEO Cool Bar comes packed with an array of
customization options, and has gained a large patronage from webmasters and bloggers.

Some of the SEO Cool Bar features include:

1. Allows you to switch and remove features that are not applicable for your use.
2. Includes a neat keyword research system, allowing you to access profitable keyword data along with search volume estimates.
3. The Cool Bar also offers a domain availability search tool.
4. Allows you to analyze the backlink profile for a website.

Web Design for Internet Explorer

WebCollet - The Webcollect add-on is a very handy tool used by many thousands of web designers. Features making this add-on so popular include:

1. The eyedropper tool, incorporates a feature allowing you to extract values for any colour.
2. Lets you take quick screenshots, and makes for a very convenient tool for putting together mockups or presentations.
3. Webcollect supports popular files, such as jpeg, gif, png etc.

SEO for Firefox

Given the huge database of their famous add-ons, Mozilla Firefox stands alone as the premiere choice for SEO providers. Here are some popular tool bar extensions

offered by Firefox:

SEO Quake - SEO Quake is the most highly rated assistant for SEO's. This add-on can retrieve information on:

1. Keyword density checker
2. Backlink count
3. Age of domain
4. Google page rank
5. Alexa rank

Web Design For Firefox

Firebug - Firebug is a comprehensive tool used for web designing, and offers the following features:

1. Has the ability to edit JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
2. Can be used for monitoring and debugging.
3. Can inspect HTML code for page errors.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now the third most used web browser today. With its connection to search giant, Google, their ever-expanding store continues to attract plenty of

attention, and includes the following features:

SEO for Google Chrome

The popular add-ons for SEO include pretty much everything you'd need for an SEO campaign, including:

1. Indexed pages for all major search engines.
2. Backlink analyzer.
3. Page rank.
4. Alexa rank.
5. Traffic and search stats.
6. Data from various and popular social channels including Twitter and Facebook.

Web Design for Google Chrome

Web Developer - Any connected web designer needs to install this add-on. Its comprehensive set-up has awesome features such as:

1. Object information display
2. Code validator
3. colour picker
4. A handy window resizer

The add-ons reviewed above, are built primarily as a means to assist with productivity. If you don't have the said web browsers installed, take a few moments to do so and see just how much of an asset they can be.

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